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Great hydroponic tomatoes!
By: Dee Meier    (Jun 13, 2012)

One word... Amazing!! After a long winter of bland tasteless tomatoes these are a treat to the palate, not to mention all the other great veggies you can find here. The kale made fabulous kale chips and the spring garlic was outstanding! Great farm!

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Best CSA in Westchester
By: Suzie Fromer    (Jun 1, 2012)

This CSA is the best part of my summer. This was the third CSA I tried in Westchester (after one that went defunct called Rivertowns CSA and FarmShare Ltd.) and I finally found what I'd been looking for in a CSA. The pickup is so easy, even with my small kids--Sunday morning in a neighborhood where it is easy to park. You can also choose a 15 week season (instead of 20) so you can opt out for the weekends you're away over the summer. The produce is in great shape and a good balance of enough quantities of any one item with diversity week to week. The extras are great (grass fed beef, honey, pork, eggs, etc.) and it is a pleasure getting your produce right from Farmer Dan himself. The volunteer requirements are limited, and provide a nice opportunity to meet other similarly-minded members of your community. The fruit share is amazing, so much for your money. We did the corn share one year but my family just wasn't eating enough of it, so we haven't done that again, and you still get corn, which is nice. It is just amazing to see my kids fighting over the last of the kale chips or roasted okra, which they are more interested in trying b/c we've met the farmer and know it comes straight from 'our' farm. This is a bit of a local treasure that enough folks don't know about, in my opinion; I highly recommend them and I eagerly anticipate my 3rd season with Rexcroft Farms this summer.

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Hmmmm....would be nice if someone responded to email queries
By: Marc S    (Oct 4, 2009)

I live nearby and would love to become a frequent customer of Rexcroft Farm but have been unable to reach anyone via email. I've driven by a couple times and have seen the farm, I think? It's very pretty and the livestock look very healthy and happy.

Although I live partly in the NYC I find it odd that I may have to buy their product in Manhattan and bring it back upstate. Not exactly the model of "green" efficiency.

What's the etiquette? Is is ok to just barge in? Can the farm be contacted by phone?

This is by no means an indictment of their product. I've actually tried it and and can vouch for its high quality and tastiness.

My issue is with local buying.

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Suzie Fromer says:    (Jun 1, 2012)

I've never had a problem, though I didn't join til 2010. The website has the following contact info for Dan at Rexcroft Farms: If you have more questions feel free to call 518-821-8709 or email

Great fresh produce
By: Jenn Lynskey    (Jul 5, 2009)

Easy pick up and great fresh produce. Each week Dan posts the vegetables for the week and then pick up is on Sunday mornings. Easy and convenient.

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