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Heritage Organic Farm - YES!!
By: Marsha    (Jun 21, 2008)

Heritage Organic Farm delivers organic boxes (or the customer can pick it up) in the Savannah and surrounding areas either once a week, or every two weeks.

We are so glad that they are here!!!! The Savannah area has not yet jumped on the 'organic' bandwagon big-time. When we moved to the area from Germany, we were desperate to find local, organic and reasonable. Finally, my daughter found Heritage Organic Farms.

The Heritage Farm rep. with whom I spoke when I picked up my box (I have it delivered now) every two weeks seemed extremely knowledgeable about organic farming and careful when buying from other local farmers (there is organic an 'organic'). She tells a story about recovering her health through using organic foods.

Also, if a customer is diabetic, has heart problems, or other health issues, the farm will make up a box with the that condition in mind, with the assistance of a nutritionist. What a lovely service.

Local health food stores buy from Heritage and I like the idea of getting my organic food more directly from the source - the same place my health food store gets it from. It is less expensive that way, too.

The Heritage Farm people are friendly and love to share ideas about organic food with customers. They also sometimes include receipes in the vegetable box (you can buy meat, too, and eggs, at the farm).

Opening a Heritage Organic Farm box is like receiving a Christmas gift and it is just as fun to open!!

Thank you Heritage Farms!!!

The Sands family

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