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Great food for body and mind
By: Carrie Tucker    (Apr 13, 2011)

I have used the farm share vegetables (and last year fruit also) for a few years. I will definitely be continuing my deliveries as it is very convenient to have it dropped on your doorstep, opens us up to new foods every week, exposes my kids to "real" farm food and makes me feel good for supporting local farmers.

I can tell you that our veggies were always very fresh - though that means they are not as "perfect" as processed store bought items. There will be real dirt in the box sometimes. The green beans might grow at a funky angle, or one of 8 tomatoes might have a small worm hole in it, but the taste is out of sight. Even my young children noted on their own that the farm share food was much tastier than store bought. And I can attest that the farm share greens have more than 2-4 times the natural juices of store bought when putting through a juicer. My food was never delivered moldy and I'm sure if it were the Brussels would have addressed it.

In a typical weekly delivery we receive a good deal of leafy greens (1-2 heads of varying lettuces plus kale). Most often we'd also get green beans, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, eggplant, kale, carrots, cucumbers, etc. We'd also receive some fun stuff I had never purchased before like bok choy, fava beans and a few other odd veggies I can't remember the names of. It is fun to try out new recipes listed on the farm share newsletter with these ingredients. As for quantity, there was always enough for at least a serving for each of us of each item. For example, in a weekly box I could make FOR EACH PERSON 2 salads, lettuce for sandwiches, and a side for 2 dinners (green beans and Zucchini) and often a new item for a new recipe (cauliflower soup, sesame bok choy). I was basically covered for the week unless I wanted a specific veggie they didn't deliver that week. If anything, I had to give a friend some extra lettuce or eggplants.

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Fresh, healthy and worth every penny
By: Lauren Foley    (Mar 24, 2011)

Have used Farmshare for a few years now and have loved it! Opening the door to a fresh box of beautiful veggies and fruits has been amazing. Have had no issues with quality. (Other reviewer mentioned one bag of beans that were bad - they ended up changing packers after that one bag and have had no issues since.) You can really tell everything is direct from the farm and perfect for eating right away. Farmshare is a great way to eat healthy and support local agriculture at the same time - love it!

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Stay far away moldy veggies!
By: Deanna Fernandes    (Aug 20, 2010)

This is my first experience with a farm share, and I am extremely disappointed to say the least. The quality is horrible. Since the 2nd week I have been receiving moldy veggies and fruits. I tried contacting the company many times, and they never reply. I have even taken pictures of my share, and nothing. The last straw was this week when along with my moldy fruits and veggies I got a colony of ants! I would not recommend this farm to anyone!

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Deanna Fernandes says:    (Aug 28, 2010)

Update: They finally have replied after I cancelled my CSA mid-season...they said they may be looking for a new farm next year for their csa...I still would never go with them again, too many problems and poor communication.

Gi Ke says:    (Oct 5, 2010)

I have the same experience.. moldy vegetables.. but also fruit dropped and bruised a lot.... But also, I am wondering how much in advance are the shares picked up...they are delivered in a regular car, not in cooled truck.... not sure how the shares are delivered to the Farm Share....If the vegetables get cold then hot them cold... the farm might be nothing to do with this....

The best vegetables I ever tasted
By: gquirke    (Jul 19, 2008)

My family has been enjoying the Brussel Family service since June 2008. It's really wonderful on many levels. Firstly, the whole family gets the chance to eat so many great different varietals of vegetable that we would never otherwise get exposed too. Secondly, the experience of preparing all the different vegetables has become a family weekly event. And lastly, the vegetables taste so good! We keep things really simple. Each week we create a very large stew. We throw everything in and cook with chicken, or other meat, and wild rice. Beets, squash, onions, turnips, fava beans, carrots, garlic scapes, cucumbers; whatever comes in the box each week. It all tastes great! We leave the imagination to the Brussel Family and cook with a readily available simmer sauce from the local supermarket. It could not be easier. The stew generally lasts us through mid-week. Tremendous value and a privilege to have the opportunity to eat fresh, locally farmed organic food that tastes so good. For working parents that really care about what their family eats, the Brussel Family service is tremendous.

Gary Quirke and Sara Oshinsky, Scarsdale New York.

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says:    (Sep 16, 2008)

what does the weekly 'basket' contain? do you suppliment with other veggie shopping?