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A Chef's Secret Ingredient...DCF!
By: Javier Canteras    (Jun 1, 2010)

As a veteran Chef and part of the Portland, OR restaurant scene, I have seen first hand the birth of new trends in local, sustainable cuisine. Visiting and dealing with local farms has been a significant part of my career. As the Personal Chef to Jody Stahancyk and the Law Firms of Stahancyk, Kent, Johnson & Hook PC, Dancing Cow Farm is the first place I head for produce when I get to Central Oregon. Actually, I believe it was their eggs that got me. The richness and deep color of the yolks took me back to the time of my childhood in Spain. Thank you, Jerre and Sean for running a great local, sustainable, organic operation, and giving Central Oregon such options.

Chef Javier Canteras

Stahancyk, Kent, Johnson & Hook PC

Portland, Oregon

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Dancing Cow Farm Products: A Real Treasure
By: Jody Stahancyk    (May 20, 2010)

When I saw my Chef showing the Dancing Cow Farm eggs to my husband as if they were Faberge Eggs, I couldn't figure why until I tasted them. It took me back to the time growing up when my family had fresh eggs. It's amazing how fresh and properly raised eggs, meat, and vegetables, especially potatoes just have a different taste. Whenever we cook locally, Dancing Cow Farm is our first choice. In Portland, we give their produce as gifts because it is so special. It also doesn't hurt that Jerre and Sean are such lovely people and caring members of the community to whom I happily lend my support.

Jody Stahancyk

Senior Shareholder

Stahancyk, Kent, Johnson & Hook P.C.

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Dancing Cow Farm is amazing!
By: Dana Martin    (May 12, 2010)

Jerre and Sean are incredible people who really understand and apply sustainable production practices. They are very knowledgeable and willing to share their expertise with anyone interested in learning. The diversity of DCF makes this farm unique; the sincerity of Jerre and Sean makes it special. We are fortunate to have Dancing Cow Farm in Central Oregon.

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DCF-Its the heart of the land!
By: Robin Snyder    (May 8, 2010)

It was connection at first meeting when I first was introduced to Jerre and Sean and DCF, we were both doing similar ventures of small scale agriculture, pastured chickens and pastured meat. I was planning my gardens, but they were light years ahead. I quickly was out-distanced in scope and ingenuity! Both Jerre and Sean are a wealth of information and their farm has soul. I became a CSA member for produce instead! Now I head that direction whenever I need connection, comradeship and heritage meat or vegies. The karma is good there!

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Thank you for being here!!
By:    (May 7, 2010)

In our "wildest imagination" we never dreamed that I, a San Francisco raised woman, or my husband, an Oakland, CA raised man, would ever care or think about from where the food we ate came (much less how it was grown!) - "The grocery store", of course? The wisdom to wonder, and courage to dare care came with age and then our arrival in Prineville - just in time for the first Prineville Farmers' Market. Thank you Jerre and Sean for sharing your energy and bounty! You've nourished our bodies and expanded our awareness, to say nothing of opening up a whole new food experience for these somewhat new residents! Doug and Mickey Dawson

"Every Time you make a decision about food, you are farming by proxy." - Wendell Berry

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Cutting Edge Sustainability in Action
By: Nicolle Timm    (May 7, 2010)

Dancing Cow Farms is on the cutting edge of the sustainability movement and they really do practice what they preach. I would live on the farm if I could!

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You have to love delivery!
By: Star Bouchard    (May 7, 2010)

We are recent customers to DCF referred by friends. We are so glad we listened to good advice! We purchased beef and lamb and I am not overstating when I say it is hands down the best meat we've ever had. My husband is already planning his fall order. The willingness to deliver is awesome! It is a blessing to a busy family like us and our kids really enjoy knowing "their farmer." We are also eagerly anticipating the Mother's Day weekend Farm Daze when we can go out and tour where our food comes from.

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I love Dancing Cow Farm!
By: Natalie Hull    (May 6, 2010)

I have been purchasing farm-fresh eggs from Dancing Cow Farm for over a year. I look forward to every delivery... store-bought eggs simply can't compare. My friends are probably tired of me raving about how wonderful these eggs taste!

I have also purchased beef from DCF and now my favorite meals to prepare are using this tender, delicious grass-finished beef.

Jerre and Sean are a pleasure to work with and I thoroughly enjoy receiving weekly food update emails. Jerre's words nourish both soul and body.

Thank you, Dancing Cow Farm.

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