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I am in LOVE !
By: Kim Payne    (Jun 12, 2014)

My grown daughter has been telling me for a few years, how good Cruze Farms milk is. I have never been a milk drinker, so i had not tried it. I actually bought some Cruze Farms,(WHOLE milk), the other day, and i am just sooooo in love! I drink a glass of milk every night now! I never used to ever drink milk. This milk is so delicious and creamy that i could drink the whole 1/2 gallon all at once! Anyone that has not tried are really depriving yourself of something really delicious!

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Best store bought milk I've ever tasted!
By: Craig Stevens    (Dec 27, 2011)

After reading more and more about the state of our food system and what industrialize foods are doing to us and the plants and animals we depend on for food, I've started looking for alternatives. One of the things I found was Cruze milk. They care about their dairy cows and the land they graze on. And the milk is incredible! But a warning, you won't be able to drink regular grocery store milk again!

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Exceptional quality
By: Gavin Watson    (Dec 15, 2010)

Picked up a half gallon of this spectacular milk at a small local market, and we were astounded at the taste. Although they stopped carrying it at the small market (Corner Market in Clinton/Claxton), I was glad to find it (considerably farther away) at Earthfare. My hat's off to the Cruze Family for taking such good care of those dairy cows, because the milk is fantastic!!! Would love to see them supply Oak Ridge or Clinton for us folks "up north." :-)

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The BEST milk!
By: P. L. Price    (Feb 5, 2010)

After reading about the corrupt food system and the problems with cattle being fed grain instead of grass, I started searching for better food. I found Cruze Dairy Farm milk at my local natural foods market, and my husband and I were extremely pleased with how good real milk can be! I get so disappointed when my local source runs out; we won't drink anything else now! Thanks to the folks at Cruze Dairy Farm!

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Fabulous Milk!!
By:    (Dec 17, 2009)

My husband was skeptical when I brought home the non-homogenized milk from Cruze Dairy that I'd found at Garden Fresh Market on Chapman Highway. He eyed the separated milk suspiciously, tasted it, then drank the glass! He LOVED it from the first gallon. This milk really tastes nothing like homogenized milk. It's sweeter. I love it. It's worth the trip to Garden Fresh Market to get it. I just need them to keep the gallons well stocked!

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