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Wonderful cheese
By: Sarah Hill    (Jul 20, 2010)

The cheese is wonderful and the flavored cheeses are masterfully done. The flavor is subtle, not overpowering, to mingle with the rich flavor of the goat's milk cheese. The cheese is wonderful on crackers, as I usually eat it, but I've also added it to salads and spread it on burgers in place of hard cheese.

I'm very partial to the garlic & basil cheese. I'm also a fan of the black pepper and the tart cranberry & orange, the perky Australian ginger, and the walk-in-a-springtime-garden flavor of lemon & lavender.

If going to a gathering, I usually offer to bring the cheese and crackers. My favorite to share with a crowd is the Mediterranean Marinade. This always manages to be a hit and I never have any left, so I usually have to buy an extra container to keep for myself. The marinade is a combination of plain cheese in a light bath of olive oil, garlic, oregano, and black pepper. Smooth, spreadable, and very flavorful.

I became a regular at the Davis Sq. Farmers' Market a few years ago. Come fall I would stock up for the winter and freeze the cheese until I needed it. Although they're at other markets this season, I'll be making an extra trip to stock up on my favorites. I highly recommend checking out Crystal Brook Farm cheese.

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Absolutely amazing goat cheese!
By:    (Jun 26, 2009)

I have had almost every flavor of Crystal Brook Farm's goat cheese, and they are all wonderful. My running favorite is the Australian ginger - the flavor matches well with everything from crackers to beet salad (my favorite way to eat goat cheese!) The freshness and quality of Crystal Brook Farm's cheeses are consistent. I have to admit that they are the reason I look forward to the opening of the Copley farmers' market every spring!

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Picnic Lunch
By:    (Jun 19, 2008)

I haven't been to their farm, but I have had their Picnic Lunch, on two separate occasions, when they were at the Farmer's Market in Copley. And it an excellent value, and the cheese spread is awesome!

I will try to catch them at the other Farmer's Markets in the area and try their other goat cheese products.

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