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Great Farmers at Beechtree Farm
By: Theresa Lam    (Feb 9, 2014)

Lucia and Charlie are down to earth honest and wonderful people. I appreciate their care and concern for animals and our environment and this shows in their healthful grassfed beef and other products. I've learned so much from them, from the health benefits of grassfed vs. supermarket meats to recipes for the most delicious meals. They truly instill a high level of integrity in the foods they produce and we are very fortunate to have such great food producers in our area. I can also vouch for them on how these brave farmers stood up and fought to protect our organic food supply. They deserve much support from the public. Bravo Lucia & Charlie!

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Great place to visit, run by wonderful people.
By: Glenn Sonnabend    (Jul 29, 2013)

I drove a couple hours up to Beechtree last week and had an excellent experience. I learned about the farm through Eat Wild, and after cross referencing it through google and seeing favorable reviews, I decided to make the trip.

Lucia met me at the farm, and did everything possible to make me feel at home and welcomed. She sensed that I had an interest in the farm and its products, and educated me on everything I wanted to know and more. She showed me around the farm, showed me her excellent selection of meats, and even recommended and called a local farm for me to pick up some produce at.

And speaking of the meats, which I came there for: I was very satisfied. Beef, pork, lamb, all raised humanely and on 100% grass (at least the beef and lamb). She had every cut of beef I wanted, and the marbling was unbelievable. Whoever said grass fed beef lacks fat content or marbling needs to see Lucia's selection. Unbelievable rich, "prime" quality cuts of beef. Her lean cuts were indeed lean and handsome looking as well, but I came for the fat. Unfortunately I have not tried any of the steaks yet, as they are still in my freezer; but as an avid carnivor, I know quality in beef when I see it. These are beautiful cuts and I can't wait to sink my teeth in.

The prices at Beechtree are also very reasonable and appropriate for the quality of the meets. In addition, they have a nice CSA program that nets you about 15% off on all of their products.

This is a wonderful place that I highly recommend. They have no sign so you just need to follow the GPS coordinates. It's a long gravel driveway that runs parallel to fenced in pastures, leading to a barn. Thanks again to Lucia and her husband for sharing this wonderful place.

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Honest Farmers Raising Happy, Healthy Animals
By: Tricia Musto    (Jul 10, 2013)

I am thrilled to have discovered Beechtree Farm. If you are interested in cutting out the middle man and going directly to the source, find your way to Beechtree Farms, conveniently located in Hopewell, New Jersey. If you care to know that you're consuming animals that have been cared for the way nature intended, with love on open beautiful grassy pastures, Beechtree is exactly the place. I have seen it with my own eyes and experienced it first-hand, and the farmers, Charlie and Lucia Huebner, are more than transparent with sharing information about how they raise their livestock. In fact, they would love to show you around if you visit their farm. Getting smart about consuming quality food is convenient, simple, and local at Beechtree Farm.

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Healthy Animals Raised Right
By: Jesse Stratowski    (Jul 10, 2013)

My own search for pasture raised beef and eggs led me to visit Beechtree Farm. The proprietors have always been exceptionally friendly and inviting, and being able to observe the cows feeding on natural forage without any pesticide treatment really sold me on the place. This is my first choice for any beef products, and in the off-season or if I'm unable to make it out to the Rutgers Farm Market on Fridays, I make it a point to visit the farm.

I'd highly recommend them (and do) to anyone who is conscientious of the quality of their food and the treatment of the animals that find their way to their plate.

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Best Steak Ever at Home
By: John NIland    (Jul 2, 2013)

Amazing and friendly staff, even better T-Bone.

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Mixed Feelings
By: D D    (May 21, 2013)

I purchased several items from the farm in May, and have mixed feelings about the experience. All the cuts of meat were very lean and flavorful, including the sirloin, lamb, and pork, which must be cooked by appropriately tenderizing methods. The proprietor is friendly and enjoyed talking at length about herself and her artwork and real estate interests. She also asked many personal questions, and although it have been coincidental, I received several spam messages less than 24 hours after the proprietor requested an email address, one which I haven't shared with anyone for over a year. I'd suggest signing up for LocalHarvest updates instead.

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Lucia Huebner says:    (Jul 3, 2013)

Glad you enjoyed the meat. We NEVER share email addresses with anyone.

grass fed beef from Beechtree Farm
By: Marilyn Grashow    (Apr 27, 2011)

The beef roasts, ground beef and ground pork from Beechtree Farm are the freshest and sweetest best tasting meat I have ever eaten. The marrow bones, while roasting in our oven at 375 degrees for 45 minutes, before putting them into a soup or stew made our kitchen smell like a gourmet restaurant.

I highly recommend this farm and will continue buy from them as often as needed. We live 30 miles from the farm and have no problem driving there. The meat is that good. Lucia was extremely nice to deal with.

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fork tender
By: Pam Flory    (Jan 19, 2010)

We have been purchasing meat from Beechtree for over a year and our family loves it! It is extemely flavorful with so many cuts of meat to choose from, including hamburger patties. We appreciate the fact that the Hubeners are always looking for feedback and have noticed the subtle changes they have made over the last year with packaging and availability. We are so grateful to have such a great meat source within 3 miles or our house! Even at 30 miles, we feel it would be worth the drive!

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