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Dirt Tillers opinion!
By: Dirt Tiller    (Sep 13, 2010)

From the Desk of Dirt Tiller, I to am a local small farmer, Interested people should pay attention! I have never seen anyone more determined to make a life being a farmer, This guy has taken never tilled dirt after removing scrub brush,Oak and mesquite trees on side hill property and turned it in to productive farm land, Despite opposition from local government and bureaucracy nonsense, Mr Adams is friendly,informative and willing to spend valuable time with all his visitors, I highly recommend the Adams Family Farm, The Dirt Tiller!

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By: Oliver Armer    (Sep 1, 2010)

In search of late season plant starts and other garden supply,s I stumbled upon the Adams Family Farm website, After a phone call I decided to take the short drive out Orme Rd in Dewey, I was greeted friendly at the gate buy Mr Adams and was given an enjoyable tour of the property, I purchased some great looking plants,organic fertilizer and and a custom mulch blend made at the farm,I highly recommend the Adams Family Farm and plan to attend the late season festival in the works, Thank you for your time, Oliver Armer,

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Our Farm Visit
By: John Farmer    (Aug 15, 2010)

After growing up on farms in the mid west and moving to the city 3 decades ago my wife myself and our 3 children took a drive to Dewey Arizona in search of local farms, After enjoying breakfast at a local restaurant we asked our waiter if there were any local farms to visit, He enthusiastically refer d us to the Adams Family Farm where we met the Adams Family, Our children really enjoyed the small petting zoo and the rides on Mr Adams Vintage Farmall Tractor while we received the grand tour of the beautifly landscaped grounds and crop fields, while enjoying a glass of iced tea Mr,s Adams had prepared. The original home built in the 1800s is bieing renovated for the farm musem, The main house was built in 1924, We plan to return to the farm to purchase some of the great looking produce still ripeining and to attend the fall festival celibration in October, Thank you Adams Family Farm! For keeping American Farming Alive and well! GOOD JOB!!!

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Just one persons opinion
By: Tina Dossey    (Aug 8, 2010)

As someone who has watched Adams Family Farm grow from the very beginning it has come from untamed high desert to a productive place to buy my produce.Mr Adams is very kind and willing to answer any question you might have. I have never experienced an issue with rudeness nor poor quality produce. As I have to drive quite a distance I always call to make sure they have what I need.NOT A WASTE OF TIME IN MY OPINION!

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nice fun relaxing day
By: Poppa Moffat    (Aug 4, 2010)

Although the farm is a continuous work in progress the Adams' showed us a good time with a mix of musical guests.My family liked the tractor rides that were provided.It gets you out of the city life and back to the basics.Mr and Mrs. Adams have done wonders with this property and continue to strive for a better and fun filled day at the farm.As far as produce from Mexico and think someone has made that up or were mistaken because I never saw any produce from Mexico at my visit.Like I said in the beginning, this is a work in progress farm and I think they are doing a great job trying to fill the shoes of the farms that have gone by the way side in days past.Keep up the good work Adams family and we hope to attend your next festival. Paul Moffat

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By: Nancy cutting    (Jul 7, 2010)

Seriously, What is up with these people?????


I expected a fun day at the farm with my kids

and all we got was a big disappointment!!!

Maybe this woman has had a bad head injury? That's all I can think of that would excuse how rude she is!

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Wayne Adams says:    (Dec 21, 2010)

Sorry Nancy Cutting! You have never been to our farm, We take customer service very seriously and would never be rude,unfriendly or do anything to jeopardize our great reputation,

Terrible!!! Adams Family Farm
By: Nancy cutting    (Jul 7, 2010)

This is the worst farm! (I hate to call it a farm!)

I have a better garden on my apartment balconey!

I think they buy thier junk produce from Mexico!!!!

They are also VERY RUDE!


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