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This listing is not accurate.
By: Amy DeLong    (Aug 19, 2011)

Even though it says this listing was updated June 11, 2011, it is not accurate.

Just spoke with them, and they said no milk.

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Love this Farm!
By: Jane Gundlach    (Nov 8, 2009)

I buy both cow and goat milk there about twice a month. The goat milk makes the BEST yogurt you will ever have. The cow milk is almost a dessert it is so delicious and fresh. The cow milk has a definite pale gold color in the summer. I read that Guernseys pass more of the betacarotene they eat in the grass into the milk giving it this color. The cows and goats are happily lounging and munching in the pastures as you pass by them to get the milk and the farmers are very nice folks who care a lot about their animals. Not only do you get great milk, you have a great time doing it.

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It's About Time NM Allowes Raw Milk
By: barbara smith    (Aug 15, 2008)

Both myself here in ABQ and kids in Las Cruces have been ordering frozen milk from CA. It is now wonderful that we can buy fresh milk here. There is definately a difference in the consistency of fresh vs thawed milk. As my son said, "This is so smooth." I even scooped some cream off and made butter in the food processor. The process wasn't the same but the color and taste was reminescent of growing up. I sent the kids back with 6 gals and thanks to a friend who is making a trip down to LC next week, another 8 gals will be heading their way. My 5 year old grand daughter especially likes to pet the goats and see the cows. Thanks Sunshine Farms and NM for finally giving us what we need.

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