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By: Emily Copps    (Sep 11, 2014)

I'll be picking up my 3rd delivery today, and I love the contents of my small share. It's been a wonderful exercise to figure out how to clean, prepare and store only in season vegetables. The newsletter is very helpful. The produce is excellent quality and variety. This is much more affordable and cost-effective than I had imagined. I love that everybody wins here: sustain local agriculture, feed my family the freshest of produce, avoid the cost and carbon of imported food, and reduce my weekly grocery bill. Why I did I wait so long?! I'll be a long-term customer.

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Worth Every Penny!
By: Michele Kahler    (Mar 9, 2013)

Last year was our first year with HighCross Farm and we were very impressed. They provided the most delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs in a year of severe drought. As a life long gardener myself, I was amazed at the quality, freshness, variety, and taste of everything. My family went from eating one vegetable per meal to 5-6. Opening our weekly box is like opening a Christmas present. Everyone is excited and it is hard to choose what to eat first because everything is just so beautiful and so delicious. And these vegetables last for weeks, unlike the stuff you purchase in the grocery stores. We have all found new favorites and my husband and I now like vegetables that we have disliked since childhood. The weekly newsletter is great because it tells you what is in this week's box, how to store it and has recipes for you to try. We also like that they have additional items available for purchase each week on their web store, ie, extra vegetables, honey, cheese, eggs and poultry to name just a few. When you order from HighCross Farm you will NOT be disappointed. Definitely worth every penny!

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Our family of 5 has fallen for fresh!
By: Linda Hanson    (Jan 17, 2013)

I am a detailed researcher with high expectations. HighCross Farm met those expectations and more. Last spring our family embarked on an adventure to eat fresh and local produce. We were not disappointed in our weekly large share; HighCross Farm produce was beautiful, clean, and plentiful! We tried new foods and challenged ourselves to prepare whatever was harvested each week. Our kids even say, "it has been really fun to find out what to do with it!"

By the time fall arrived, we were in a groove, trying new recipes, and thoroughly enjoying eating fruits and veggies that had been picked just hours or the day prior. It was truly like having a garden without any of the work. Thanksgiving became a fun adventure when we served only what was fresh from the farm and everyone wanted more Brussels did THAT happen?!

Farmer Steve and Kath put their heart into everything they do. We can't wait for spring to arrive and to see Kyle again every Thursday with our neighborhood's delivery. Also, not to be missed is the web store. It is an added convenience, allowing us to shop locally for poultry, eggs, cheese, honey, and extra produce.

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Five-Star Review from a Worker Share
By: Monica Gill    (Feb 17, 2012)

My husband and I have become huge fans of HighCross Farm's CSA. We were initially attracted to HighCross because of the extensive information on their website and the awesome reviews from other customers. We had also heard about their newsletter with farm updates and recipes. I really sensed that they worked hard to earn and maintain a strong connection with their members.

With an impressive number of pick-up sites, it was easy to find one close to us. We took a worker share in the summer of 2011 and enjoyed the fruits of our labors immensely. We saw firsthand the hard and diligent work that goes into the care and harvest of HighCross organically-grown produce, picked within days (sometimes hours!) of delivery. Having been on the packing line, I can attest to the genuine care the goes into gently packing each box of vegetables (and melons) that I never knew could taste so good. Farmer Steve once told me he wants to be the "Melon King" of Kewaskum -- a humble goal for a man with such an incredible, bustling, extensive operation.

We are grateful that Farmer Steve, Kath, Kyle, and Darryl make such delicious, wholesome, local, responsible food possible in Southeast Wisconsin.

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Great Variety Organic Produce
By: Janine Gruna    (Jul 24, 2011)

This is our second year with Steve and Kath at High Cross Farm. I work part-time at Outpost Natural Foods, so I'm really pretty picky about my produce. But Steve and Kath really deliver. The veggies are picked so close to delivery that they are often quite sweet and brimming with taste. They are washed just before being boxed, so the produce is very clean. And the variety! First time I ever had ground cherries and ramps were from High Cross. And the strawberries and sugar snap peas were so good, they never made it to the dinner table! The weekly fresh herbs are especially appreciated. High Cross also has a weekly newsletter and two well-written recipe blogs full of creative recipes. Yum!

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Excellent CSA - variety and freshness
By: Colleen Polczynski    (May 27, 2011)

I signed up with HighCross Farm a few years ago and have been extremely happy with the product and the service! It is great knowing your food is grown locally - and "family sown." Steve, Kath, Kyle, Darryl and everyone who works there does a fabulous job. The weekly box contains a variety of vegetables each week - and its not the same year to year. The weekly emailed newsletter is great, its like a magazine with recipes, suggestions and why certain vegetables are "healthier." It is so appreciated, especially when a vegetable or two are new.

We signed up hoping to incorporate more vegetables in our family's diet. I am happy to say - mission accomplished, thank you! Opening the box on a Thursday evening, is like Christmas morning!

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Highly Recommend HighCross Farm!
By: Karis Kuckleburg    (Sep 14, 2010)

This is our first year as members of HighCross Farm's CSA program and the experience has more than exceeded our expectations. The quality of the produce is amazing, I love the variety and the pick-up locations are very convenient. My husband would tell you they performed a miracle by getting me into the kitchen but I couldn't help it. It's so fun to try new recipes. I truly look forward to receiving our box on Thursdays. The weekly e-mail newsletter is so helpful in identifying unfamiliar vegetables, as well as providing lots of great information. It's going to be a long winter without HighCross Farm's delicious produce.

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Amazing quality & worth the cost!
By: Carolyn Oteman    (Dec 7, 2009)

If you are looking for a CSA to join, you have found the best one with High Cross Farms. Look no further. Local and organic, and the quality cannot be beat, quality of produce and of people. This was our first year joining a CSA, and we could not be more pleased with what we received...Here are some words from emails that we sent Farmer Steve and family throughout the season, just to give you a feel for what you will experience: "Dear Farmer Steve, Kath, Kyle, and Darryl and Team, We are absolutely LOVING our CSA box and feel so blessed and so healthy eating such fresh and pure and nourishing produce. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the work and love that you put into your farm. It shows, and we are more grateful than words can express. We have a 2 month old, Mason, and a 3 year old, Julia. Julia is gobbling veggies, pretending to bake cookies and putting broccoli in them, drinking smoothies with kale, the list goes on. We made zucchini muffins the other day, and put literally 4-5 cups of shredded zucchini and carrots in a 12 muffin recipe. And Mason gets his mama's milk "smoothie" packed full of veggies all the time of course, through me. ;) Julia, is so excited (as we all are) on Thursday nights when Daddy walks in with "the farm box," which he picks up on his way home from work. She was all ready for bed, and he came home late tonite. She ran to the door, and we all unpacked it together. It is so cute as she pulls each item out and oohs and aahs, or grunts at the weight of it, telling us how strong she is and showing us her muscles. Your onions have been so delicious, and we have made Sara's bloomin' baked onion recipe 4 times already. Also, Kath, your coleslaw recipe has been a hit in our house, with friends, and with our extended family, too. Even non-coleslaw eaters are loving it and wanting the recipe! Many thanks to you all, and many prayers coming your way, from our family to yours."

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