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Best honey in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: Hilda Mata    (Mar 19, 2013)

I was given a jar of this honey as a gift. I am a honey LOVER! Have ordered honey from all over the world (Northwest US, Europe, Asia, even Etiopia & Malaysia. This is the most flavorable and full bodied honey I have ever tasted. I think it is because the pollen is from such a diverse source of plant life. Will never eat any other brand of honey again. Plan to order more jars of this terrific honey soon before I run out. I kid you not folks I just poured this honey into my mouth straight from the jar, about five gulp fulls. Could care less about the caloric count.

Hilda Mata, Houston, Tx, USA

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Great products!
By: Virginia Henderson    (Nov 29, 2009)

The products are super!

The honey is very flaverful and you only need a half as much to sweeten tea!

A friend had purchased store honey for biscuits and when he tried natrual honey he and his mom were amazed at how much better the flavor is and how much less you need to sweeten with!

The soaps create a wonderful scent in the shower, yet is nice and not overpowering afterwords. You feel sooo clean and smooth!!

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