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Best Fruit ever
By: Bianca Guevara    (Mar 28, 2010)

I would totally recommend this CSA! I joined last year and had it delivered to my house. It was always fresh and it felt like Christmas every Tues when I got home. I received everything they listed plus bonus items like snow peas, tomatoes, other various veggies. One of the best CSAs out there. Oh yea, they are super friendly too!

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Best in Rochester!
By: Steve    (Oct 31, 2009)

This was my second experience with a CSA in the Rochester area. It was by FAR the better of the two. The variety, quantity and quality of produce was exceptional. You could tell Gary and Stephanie took great pride in their fruit, and went the extra mile to take care of their members. Each week, I received two to four plastic grocery bags FULL of apples, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pears, and every other type of seasonal fruit I could think of. The quality was even better than Wegmans, which is saying something! Obviously the fruit had been grown at their farm and picked within the day of receiving it. You can't get any fresher! I also enjoyed the bonus items, flowers, seasonal vegetables, and tomatillos and leeks with recipes for use. The other thing I really liked, and which I hadn't seen in my previous experience with another CSA, was the great customer service. E-mails were answered within 24 hours and were always helpful. Also, they allowed flexibility in picking up produce which was great. I hope next year, they will consider a Webster produce drop-off point which will eliminate the (short) drive out to Walworth every week. I will definitely be back next year. Thanks Gary and Stephanie!!

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Fantastic experience!!!
By: Stacey Michaels    (Oct 21, 2009)

It is rare these days that something even meets your expectations, let alone exceeds them -- G and S Orchards is the rare exception. The fruit was fresh, delicious and always in good quantities. There were lots of little "extras" that were a welcome surprise (indian corn, flowers) and the bag with tomatillos, jalapenos, an onion and a recipe for tomatillos salsa was a treat. My kids (ages 4 and 1) run to the cooler chest every Wednesday to see what "the fruit lady" brought for the week. A great experience, highly recommended!

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Every year it gets better
By: Sandra Krajeski    (Jan 21, 2009)

I live just down the road from this gem of a fruit farm. My son and I eagerly await the beginning of strawberry season. As the days warm and June rolls around, each day we drive by watching for the the signs to let us know when we can expect the first of the blessed red berries. And so begins a summer and fall full of fresh, ripe, delicious fruit. I can't drive by the stand without hearing from the back of the car, "I want blueberries mommy!" The owner and other workers on the farm are knowledgable, friendly and so helpful.

I was happy to see G&S expand their U-Pick options this year, and I now have a new tradition to continue from when I was young with my own children. There was plenty of raspberries and blackberries the day we came out to pick (very helpful when you are with a 3 year old!). This year I am interested in finding out more about the CSA which was started last year.

Many thanks and kudos go out to Gary Craft and his family for providing wholesome and mouthwatering fruit for my family. They have managed to deal with increases in production costs and labor regulations creatively, and in the process have improved on what was already something wonderful for the community.

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Great CSA
By: carrie petersen    (Sep 24, 2008)

I first learned about G&S because of their fruit-only CSA, new in 2008. We have been so pleased with the types and variety of fruit we've received. And everything we've received has been delicious and fresh. They have also been very flexible about the days and times of pick-ups which has been helfpul. I can't imagine having to buy fruit again! :)

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By: Jane    (Sep 6, 2008)

Wow! Check out this cool farm that is close by and offers all kinds of apples (Cortland, Empire Macoun, Crispin, Gala, and Macintosh, I think). My whole life I had only eaten Macintosh, but at G & S Orchards I was able to sample each kind of apple and now have several new favorites.

I liked the fact that the apple trees were close by and it was easy to carry them back to my car. Besides picking your own apples, pumpkins and all kinds of gourds were also available to purchase. I was able to pick some berries as well. There was also a vegetable stand located at the farm where I could buy vegetables (one-stop shopping!). When I bought my apples, I also received a flyer that described each of the apples as well as some free recipes (great idea!). Can't wait for Fall to come this year!

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Great new U-Pick Farm
By: E WEILER    (May 22, 2008)

Found this jewel last year and had the easiest cherry picking since I was a child (no ladders were required and the trees were loaded with unblemished fruit!) There is also a variety of berries, as mentioned on the web page. The owners and their staff are very friendly and hard-working, and the process is well organized. Can't wait for Strawberries to start the 'really fresh fruit' season!

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Great Fruit
By: julie thurley    (May 18, 2008)

I visited this U-pick farm last July and early August. The farm attendant was very pleasant and the berries were awesome. We hope to come and pick some berries again this summer. Its great to see some local businesses still pluggin away. Keep up the good work! I give you a 5 Star.

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