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Buyer Beware
By:    (Jan 7, 2015)

Notice that there have been no reviews for this farm since 2011? There's a reason. After joining the Pay-as-they-grow program and completing payments for Grass-fed Half-Beef and Half-pork in 2012, all communication from this farmer ceased. After multiple contact attempts were made, I had no choice but to pursue legal action against David Fogle. I look forward to getting back the money I paid Spring Hill Farm and supporting competently run local farmer.

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Excellent Blogs!!
By: Rainbow Ranch Farms    (May 3, 2011)

I look forward to reading your blogs, I find them informative.

It is wonderful that you share with us all, your ideas, knowledge and experience.

Many of have have our own experiences depending on climate, temperatures, zones and knowledge, however many of us, it appears, are shy to share.

I only wish I was closer to you, I would love to visit your farm, I am in California.

Have a blessed day, and keep 'em coming. Thank you!!

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By: Randy Coon    (Jul 18, 2010)

WOW! Mouth Watering HAM STEAKS were shared with a friend and we were both SMACKING our LIPS and MARVELING at the TEXTURE, TASTE, & TOTALLY better product than corporate farms that selling to your LOCAL Grocery store. FOLKS! Let me STIR YOU UP a BIT! Lets get off our DUFFS and BUY DIRECT FROM your LOCAL FARMS! Not just SPRING HILL FARMS, but any local farmer you have faith in their PRODUCTS! I Salute you DAVID, KYRA, JAVIN, ADDISON FOGLE for making a committment, dedication, and putting WOW in my HEART and OUT OF MOUTH!! I appreciate the website when one can buy FARM FRESH FOOD DIRECTLY on a BUDGET! KUDOS!!!!!!!

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fabulous pork!
By: Emily Hartman    (Feb 21, 2010)

This farm produces really great pork--and I've had a chance to see how well their pigs get to live, which makes me very happy. The price is good, too.

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Best pork we have eaten
By: Barbara Evans    (Feb 6, 2010)

We have bought half a Tamworth pig from Spring Hill Farms two years in a row and I guarantee it isThe best tasting pork. Has a wonderful mild but tasty flavor and none of the cuts have ever tasted a bit"piggy". The smoked hams and bacon are excellent, the bacon is meaty, thick slices, the hams are huge! We always get raves when we bake and serve a ham for company! Right now, I am waiting for Dave to stop by with some pork fat so I can get busy and make some l awesome ard for next years frying and baking.

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spring hill pork
By: Tim McDermott    (Feb 5, 2010)

I have purchased pastured pork from Dave at Spring HIll for the last two years. It is the best pork I have ever eaten, Dave is easy to work with and the price is right. I will be ordering from Spring Hill every year. Thinking of mixing in some pastured beef next year as well.

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