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New to the area and love this market
By: Kathleen Kenny    (May 8, 2012)

We moved to this area last year and were so glad to find this market. We came from a larger city where we had markets that were open every day. We still miss that, but the Madison market definitely offers what we were looking for in a good local farmers market.

We found there are a few other markets in the area, but this one is the friendliest by far. The Madison market also has plenty of close parking, which is a big problem at most of the other area farmer's markets.

The Madison City Farmers' Market also opens earlier than any of the other farmers' markets around. We were so excited to see it open this year and can't wait to see what the farmers will bring in the coming weeks!

We definitely recommend this market!

Jerry, Kathleen, Karen and Jared

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We love Madison City Farmers Market!!!
By: Katie King    (Apr 20, 2011)

My family and I are so glad that we have this farmers' market. Until this market opened a few years ago, the only farmers' market we had was not really a farmers' market, but a resale market. The Madison market has only local producers that live in and around our community (I know because I asked), the way farmers' markets are supposed to be. Everyone there is so friendly and willing to answer questions about the preparation of the items, how they were grown and even what variety they are. We've been visiting the Madison farmers' market for several years now and when the market re-opens not only are we happy to see the farmers and crafters, but they are happy to see us too! I'm so glad we have a REAL local only farmers market!

Thanks to everyone who works to make the market such a wonderful place!

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I love Madison Farmers Market
By: Kay L Detter    (Jun 23, 2010)

I just read the previous review and I must point out that whoever wrote the review was obviously not a 'local resident' or they would know that organic is just now starting to become available in our area.

The writer seemed more interested in showing off her knowledge of organics then she did having a good time at the market and encouraging local food production.

If you are that much of a 'purest', please go to Earth Fare. They are willing to cart food from around the world just to give you organic.

However, if she really knew about the label 'organic' then she would know that it is expensive and takes as much as seven years to become certified. That's a lot to ask of a family farm or small grower.

I believe Madison Farmers Market is filled with friendly people who are out there on hot Saturday mornings to give the residents of Madison fresh veggies.

Maybe, if she were more friendly and had not spent so much time, putting other peoples efforts down, she would have had a better experience.

You get what you give. I always love going to the Madison Farmers Market. Keep up the good work!

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Not exactly the friendliest place
By: roxanne tucker    (Jun 16, 2010)

When I got there it seemed nice and quaint. The first tent I went to had kids waiting on people. I asked the old man in charge if his peaches were organic since the website boasts organic items. The man said "you can't get peaches organic." I said, "yes, you can get organic peaches." so then I started walking away and he proceeded to try and argue with me that nobody has organic peaches. and then I told him that's not true. he then told me, "Google it and let me know.' How rude. Obviously this man doesn't know about organic farming probably cause he's been set in his old ways for so long. And then the next tent I went to I asked if the potatoes were organic. The lady and man laughed and said "you don't spray potatoes." As if I am an idiot. Obviously these people don't know about organic either. I told her, " I know that you don't spray potatoes but organic doesn't just mean not spraying pesticides. It means chemical free ground for at least 3 years." That's only as far as I got in explaining until they interrupted me with how their potatoes are probably more organic than anything cause they were planted in new ground. I did buy them cause I didn't want to leave there with nothing, but I never want to go back. It's like they tried to make you feel stupid for asking for organic. That's okay. I'll shop at Earth Fare. As for the people with the whole grain chocolate chip cookies, they were so very nice. Awesome cookies!!

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Linn McAuliffe says:    (Jun 23, 2010)

Hi Roxanne, I've been visiting the Madison Farmer's Market just about every Saturday this season. I agree that there are some farmers that use "conventional" methods, but there are others that are truly concerned about growing healthy, organic food. There are two or three booths that I visit every week and I usually skip the rest unless something really interests me. The farmers at my favorite booths are very chatty and friendly. They have even given me tips for my own garden. You may want to give the market another chance so that you can find the local, organic farmers that meet your needs. Earthfare is a good backup, but I do like the thought that my food is coming from a local farm versus one across the country. There is also a farmer's market in Huntsville and a little stand in Bridgestreet on certain days. There is also a big produce stand towards Athens and supposedly a good market in Decatur. Good luck on your search for local, organic food! Linn

Stanley Gibson says:    (Oct 11, 2010)

Organic peaches are almost impossible to grow in our area. The humidity makes brown rot very hard to deal with.

Best market
By: Margaret Mazikowski    (Jan 6, 2010)

this is the best FM I have done in years, everyone is so nice and ALL the fruits and veggies and cheese and milk are fresh . the people are so sweet and helpful. not competing over sales and bickering like some I have done in the past. Loads of fun for everyone. We offer fresh bottled milk and yogurt cheese. 4 Maz farms and dairy. Margaret

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Care2 Review: We love this market!
By: Victoria T.    (Sep 10, 2009)

The Madison Market is a breath of fresh air, offering a venue for local purists to make, sell and purchase the very best chemical-free and heirloom varieties imaginable. My Madison Market is the best part of my week and sharing it with others gives me great joy!

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Care2 Review: We love this market!
By: Jenna R.    (Sep 1, 2009)

This market has fresh, naturally grown produce that tastes so delicious! I love talking with the different farmers and supporting our local economy!

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Care2 Review: We love this market!
By: Russell S.    (Aug 28, 2009)

I sell produce there and enjoy the interaction with our customers, they love to learn about new foods and how to prepare them. I am proud to be with so many other good vendors that support and care about one another.Russell Stackhouse

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