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Great Price, Wonderful Product, Just Awesome!
By: Jeffrey Paul    (Dec 8, 2009)

We've been members with JR Organics for over a year now and always get excited to go pick up our bi-weekly box and check out the great produce. You'll likely get some fruits & vegetables that you wouldn't normally see or buy in a regular grocery store, but their site is great at listing out some tasty recipes for all the items they carry. This past spring we went down to the farm and had a wonderful tour and meal. Overall, the price is great for the produce (you'd easily spend more buying the same items piecemeal from various farmers market vendors or grocery stor), the quality is always great, and they let you exchange items if necessary. I can't recommend CSA's in general or JR Organics specifically any more than this: I love them!

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Best decision I've made in a while!
By: Heather    (Oct 2, 2009)

I'm not much of a cook, so I was hesitant to join the CSA, thinking I might waste a bunch of food. But it's all so good and stays fresh for so long, that I never have that problem. I'm enjoying the variety of vegetables and fruit that I get every two weeks, and the more unusual veggies I receive are challenging me to find recipes and actually try them at home. Before joining the CSA, I had always chosen the vegetables at JR Organics' stand at my farmers market because the quality was so much better than the other available options. Their produce is the best I've had in this area and the CSA is a great way to enjoy it all.

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Big Fan
By: beth belk    (Sep 17, 2009)

I've been a member for about four months now and am loving it! I chose JR Organics because of their flexibility in membership options and competitive price.

The produce has been fantastic. The strawberries are, seriously, the best I've ever had. I've also been exposed to so many new vegetables that I had never heard of before and it's been really fun learning how to prepare them and having friends over for dinner to share everything.

The best part really is their customer service. I'm constantly traveling for work and they're always really understanding in letting me put my account on hold, or reschedule my pick up. I also love that if there's something I really can't stand in my box (like cabbage - yuck!), they'll let me trade it out for something that I their zucchini - amazing.

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One of the best CSAs in San Diego
By:    (Sep 11, 2009)

I've tried other CSAs in San Diego, but this has been the most rewarding. I've been a member for over a year now, and I'm consistently impressed with the quality and variety of seasonal produce the farm puts out. To make the product even better, their customer service is some of the best around: personal, quick to respond, and very interested in networking ideas about recipes, books, etc. Whenever we have company in town, they always rave about the produce I cook with, claiming they forgot what "real" vegetables taste like. I've tried many items for the first time through the CSA (many not the last!).

I think this CSA is also great for budding or established home chefs because it challenges you to create your week's recipes based off what's coming fresh from the farm. Every week, I see the list of what's in the box and start putting together my "menus". It also allows me to try cooking with ingredients I may not otherwise have used.

I recommend this CSA for people who like consistent quality in their produce, like a little excitement of a new item here and there, and people who love to eat!

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Totally Satisfied
By: Brian Sullivan    (Sep 9, 2009)

So I am just shy of completing my first season with J&R organics and I can definitely say I love it. I did a lot of research when I chose J&R wanting to get value as well as a good variety of fruits and veggies.

The Produce: Every box i've picked up has been great. I get a Large box every two weeks for myself (and sometimes my girlfriend shares the benefit of my CSA subscription) and it is perfect. I end up making lots of delicious salads throughout the week for lunch and have made many recipes from ingredients in my box. (Yesterday I made an etheopian carrot and cabbage dish from the box ingredients). The avocados are gigantic and delicious. The watermelon was incredible. The variety is pretty good. Lots of standard produce you would use with some interesting vegetables thrown in every once in a while. You can check what they've had in each box by going to their website.

Another great thing about the CSA is that there is pretty good communication between the CSA and its members. A weekly email tells you what is going to be in the box and the box pick up coordinator sends email if there is any problems with pickups.

The reason I chose J&R in the end was because of the reasonable price ~$30 per box and that it had a flower option (extra $10). The flowers are pretty nice, good variety and always looking fresh the day of pick up. If you're moving to or live in an area that is close to one of their pick up locations, I most definitely recommend J&R.

This being said, I am curious to see how the rest of the year pans out since I image there may be less produce in the winter months. However, this being California and having a great produce climate, I hope the bounty continues throughout the year.

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First Year with J.R. Organics
By: Kathy Marre    (Sep 9, 2009)

We are just completing our first year with J.R. Organics and it has totally exceeded our expectations. The produce in each tub is fresh, clean and just plain vibrant. And, the surprise of the different varieties of each item is so impressive . Tthe customer service is the best and very personal. It is just like being part of the family at J.R. Organics.

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great produce!
By: beth barnum    (Sep 9, 2009)

We are into our 3rd trial week w/ Jr Organics and we love it!! I have heard from friends that with other farms you really have to clean the bugs and dirt off the veggies, not w/ Jr Organics. I was expecting to do a lot more soaking, but everything is really clean. And bountiful!! They have the best yellow grape tomatoes ever! And my husband who is not a lover of watermelon is actually eating the golden watermelon (which I have never seen), he says it tastes better than the red=) We love the fact that we are eating what is in seson and that it is local. As for the price, I couldnt go to the store and get non organic for this quality. Looks like we will become longtime members.

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I love the fresh fruit and veggies!
By: Marc Nijdam    (Sep 8, 2009)

I look forward to the JR Organics box every single time we're ready for our pickup. The content is fresh, seasonal and the web-site includes nice recipes for some of the more uncommon items.

The pickup is flawless and allows for an item exchange in case we get tired of a vegetable.

Highly recommended!

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