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Wonderful experience!
By: Christine Wallace    (Feb 1, 2012)

We would definitely recommend Love Farm Organics. This was our first time with a CSA and we were so pleased with the experience. Amy provides interesting recipes and great suggestions on how to prepare the variety of offerings so that each week was an adventure. We definitely learned new tastes and cooking became such a fun family experience. We knew by the end of the season that we would sign up again. This year we hope to be able to get to the farm to help out with some of the volunteer and community events.

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An Amazing Experience
By: Kristy Alpert    (Jun 30, 2010)

After reading and writing about CSAs for years for different magazines and websites, I finally decided to join one ... and I'm so glad I chose Love Farm Organics. Not only were the veggies and berries gorgeous week after week, but I looked forward to talking with Amy each week about new recipe ideas and seeing how everything was going on the farm. I felt like I was a part of her "farming family," and the community of members for this CSA were amazing, too. Weekly blogs kept us updated with teasers about what we could expect in our share and how the weather was affecting the crops, but they also posted blogs and recipes from users which made me feel even more connected to our little community. Amy and her family are truly amazing people, and I feel blessed to have been able to be a part of their lives and business. This was the best experience I could have asked for. More kale please!

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first timer
By: Shiela Lesh    (Feb 23, 2009)

We were so pleased with Love Farm Organics last summer! My older daughter loved going with me to the farm to load up and see what we would get each week and see Amy and the baby and the dog. I loved having all of the delicious veggies from summer and a few that I had no idea what to do with. Amy & Kip gave me great ideas on how to use the food & store it if need be. The berries were so amazing too, I want to add the berry share this year! Being very budget conscious, I priced this out and am positive that I am saving money, eating a greater variety of local, fresh food, and creating community. I love going to the Farmer's Market still, but getting a half-share every week helped tremendously to ensure my family was eating well. They are so kind and friendly as well, it is easy to want to stay and hang around the farm :-) I also feel very strongly about supporting local family business! Shiela

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A really great way to get your food!
By: Becky Woods    (Feb 21, 2009)

Amy and Kip are both very friendly and knowledgeable. The produce was great, and they had a good system for loading up every week. Even with a half share, we had more than enough to eat (there were just two adults and a toddler in our family), and it was fun to have some choice (for example, we got to pick which tomatoes would make up our pound share).

Amy knew my name right off the bat, and she called to remind me to come and get my produce when I forgot a couple times at the beginning of the season. She always had good cooking suggestions and information when there was an unfamiliar veggie.

I would definitely recommend this CSA.

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Love Farm CSA
By: John Sellers    (Feb 20, 2009)

This was my first CSA experience. I had eaten from organic boxes delivered at my brother's place in California, and heard of CSAs. To feel cool I joined. At first I had some sticker shock, but I was for it philosophically, and when I started to price out what I was spending at New Seasons or Whole Paycheck I realized what a great value it actually could be.

It sounds funny, but I was kind of surprised at how friendly they were. Amy and her husband (and baby) are real people (duh). They learned my name faster than I learned theirs.

Sounds kinda dumb, but I think I am so programmed by going through the grocery line that the idea that there is an actual community behind the CSA was a new experience for me.

The season was a funny one weather wise, and that ended up delaying and extending the season for some crop items. It was actually kind of fun to be invested in the crop growing; I was on the line with the farmers.

I learned about loads of new foods, got tips on how to prepare them, ate about five times as many veggies and salads as I would have otherwise, and had fun. It was a relaxing routine we got into to drive "out to the country" in Forest Grove, meet a new item, like the lemon cucumber, and get a taste of farm life.

Our little boy loved playing with the dog, sitting on the tractor, talking to the people. It's like a throw-back to the good ol' days I never knew.

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I love this CSA
By: Shawna Neumeister    (Feb 20, 2009)

Amy and Kip are fantastic, and answer any and all questions you may have, with knowledge and sincerity. The produce is beautiful and well taken care of. Their mixed greens salad is my favorite; the flavors are reminiscent of summer. I also loved getting fresh herbs and berries from their farm. This farm is my first choice for a CSA.

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