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Eggs, Sausage and Ribs
By:    (Jul 16, 2014)

We always enjoyed the eggs. They are unlike any of the eggs you buy from a supermarket. The color and flavor are awesome. We decided to try the sweet sausage and ribs. The sausage is the best we have ever tasted. We will never again be able to eat any other. The flavor is out of this world. The spare ribs look awesome. I will be cooking them tomorrow. They are low in fat. If they are anything like the sausage, which, by the way, hardly shrunk because they were also low in fat, we will love the ribs just as much.

We must buy local in order to keep our farmers in business. The local food quality is by far better than supermarket food. If you buy food from Thunderhill Farm, you will not be disappointed. You will be a customer for life.

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Terrific Eggs
By: Andrew Garcia    (May 14, 2012)

My family lives off of their eggs. We have not had an opportunity to order any meat or poultry, but look forward to doing so. In the meantime we have had nothing but wonderful luck with their eggs which are always fresh and delicious.

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My family loved the chicken!
By: Rudy Buenafe    (Dec 7, 2011)

I learned about Thunderhill Farm from a friend. I found Mike's website and spoke to him that I was coming to purchase some chicken and eggs. Mike gave me a little tour of his farm and showed me the animals that he was raising. The chickens were free to roam around the fields and the cows was grazing in the field eating grass.

I left with several chickens, several dozen eggs, some steaks and pork. The chicken was excellent! This is how chicken is supposed to taste like. Can't wait to try the steak and pork! From now on, I will purchase all my meat products as well as eggs from Mike. It's worth the drive from NYC! Looking forward for your newly planted galic and onions Mike....

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By: Susan Mauti    (Nov 12, 2010)

My husband and I met the owner Mike today and he gave us a tour of his farm and answered many questions. We were able to see that all of his animals are very well cared for and this really made the difference in us choosing to purchase from this farm. His dedication and knowledge are amazing and we are thrilled to have found Thunderhill for our Thanksgiving turkey.

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