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Best CSA in the area
By: eden gallant    (Dec 17, 2011)

For your money, you can't find a better CSA in the area, or a more educated farmer than Marcy O'Connell. She comes from a farming family and has the education and more importantly, she LOVES what she is doing. Her CSA is is more than just picking up vegetables....its about her communication with her customers and she goes out of her way to make sure she grows the best produce for her customers. Her farm stand is always clean, and fully stocked at all times, her hours are flexible and she also has self serve for eggs daily. It's a family oriented CSA where customers kids can see and pet the goats and gather eggs and help pick beans, peas, etc.... She grows all her own vegetables and does not "buy in" as other CSA's do. Holland Farm is a great CSA and once you stop by, you will see for yourself. You will want to join. And you will be very happy you did. If you want to buy local and know where your food is coming from (pesticide free), Holland Farm CSA is the best in the area. Well worth the money.

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Kudos to Holland Farms
By: amy fenton    (Sep 6, 2009)

We joined this year (our first CSA), and we've loved it. My husband and I purchased a full share with my father and stepmother, and it has worked out beautifully--lots of hands to do the pickups if you tend to have busy schedules. The variety of veggies is wonderful! It was one of the primary reasons for our choosing Holland Farm, and we weren't disappointed. We've even had watermelon (which didn't last a day in my house...). The variety, coupled with the wonderful herbs that they grow, has motivated us to eat better, and forced us to learn to cook with more creativity--exactly what we needed, as a family that grew up on processed foods. It's also great to be able to Pick-Your-Own of some things, like wax beans and tomatoes. I'm making homemade tomato sauce for the first time today because of it! We've also bought eggs and corn while we were there. Both were delicious. (I hope this isn't too hard a sell, because it's completely sincere). We will be buying in again next year, and this time, I'll have more recipes prepared!

I recommend CSA's to all my friends and family now, and I would highly recommend Holland Farms to anyone.

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good communication; excellent food and service; great value
By: Rebecca Allen    (Jul 6, 2008)

We bought a half share at the farm (two adults and a toddler seemed not enough to eat a whole share) and were happy to get e-mail telling us when the pick-ups would be. At least this early in the season, there's not a lot of difference between a full and a half share. The greens have been wonderful (and plentiful); we've also bought eggs and some elk. Great experience! Hard to believe this is their first season.

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Great Start!!
By: Judy    (Jun 28, 2008)

My first visit to the farm was an off-pick up day and I found Marcy out in the field, her hands covered in dirt, a big grin on her face as I approached. I had missed the email about pick ups for members and had missed the first two! Marcy let me play catch up and as I filled my tote with fresh peas,radishes, lettuce, kale, spring onions, and summer squash, and then got fragrant bunches of basil and parsley, I could just tell everything there had been grown with love. The flowers offered out front were outstandingly bright and lovely. This farm is off to a great start carrying on a farming tradition that began in that spot in Colonial times. Well done!

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