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The jewel of the TN local food movement!
By: Christen Paige    (Apr 27, 2008)

I have been a part of the local food movement for many years, and stumbled upon Gourmet Pasture Beef last year after moving to Tennessee from out of state. We had had little success in finding a new source of our grass-fed beef, and I was growing concerned that we would never be able to find a local source of TRULY grass-fed meat - beef that was raised on pasture from start to finish, without any of the shortcuts that many so-called "grass-fed" farmers take these days. Once we found Gourmet Pasture Beef online, however, I knew that I had stumbled onto the best kept secret on the local foods circuit in Tennessee. From the first three minutes (all it takes!) of placing my first order online, to many months of reliable home delivery, and countless incredible meals with family and friends, my experience with the Gunn's and GPB has been nothing short of a dream come true.

Gourmet Pasture Beef is undoubtedly some of the best-tasting grass-fed beef we have ever had, and we are connoisseurs, by now, after having to order from all over the country for many years. We would challenge you to find better tasting ground beef, roasts, or steaks, anywhere! Each one of their products is truly amazing. You can taste the hard work and authenticity in every bite.

Beyond spectacular taste, even, however, it is the Gunn's personal touch in customer service and their convenience and affordability that put Gourmet Pasture Beef in a league of its own. Their monthly standing order service (what a lifesaver!), and their home delivery and competitive pricing make them a staple of the whole-foods eating family, one that the busy, working house-mom simply CANNOT do without.

God bless Josh and Kathy and family for their hard work and integrity. We love you guys!

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