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Beautiful family farm, delicious bratwurst!
By: Bridget Lavelle    (May 17, 2010)

Stephanie gave my boyfriend and me a personal tour of Back Forty Acres this weekend. We saw the ducks, the chickens, the pigs, the goats, the sheep. They all looked pretty happy on this beautiful farm, and had plenty of room to roam around. (So much room in fact we had to take quite a little walk to see the goats and sheep as they had roamed quite far from the barn.) We bought some sweet bratwurst, which was delicious and a hit at our BBQ. Stephanie was so friendly also. Highly recommend!

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Love the eggs
By: Jessica Capling    (Mar 9, 2010)

I was so happy to try their fresh eggs. My husband and I did a side by side comparision of grocery eggs and these eggs. The farm eggs were so much better. We love that not only are they healthier for us, they taste way better too!! Thank you so much. We plan on buying lamb and probably chicken from them as well.

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Great local food!
By: Susan Lackey    (Jul 2, 2008)

We've been buying chickens from Back Forty since their first 'flock' - and now include lamb, pork, eggs, etc. The food is great, but so is their understanding of the issues that surround this old/new way of farming. (My 93 year old mother says "I forgot what bacon tasted like".)

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Thank You!
By:    (Apr 20, 2008)

My 4 year old daughter and I were taking a driving tour to learn about farm animals when we happened on the Back Forty Farm. We were so lucky to meet Stephanie who gave us a tour, introduced us to the animals and educated us on their farming practices. This is the type of local farmer that we have been looking for! We are so excited to try their large variety of meat and eggs.Thank you Stephanie!

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