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Quality Food
By: Darcie Burde    (May 28, 2010)

A dinner encounter: I ate Publix Greenwise chicken for dinner last night. It wasn't good, nothing compares to the real thing. There is such an immense difference in the taste and texture of Greenwise chicken or what I consider "something resembling chicken" vs. real pastured chicken that tastes amazing. Prior to meeting Jerry and Sam I drove quite a way to buy pastured chicken and grassfed beef. My husband and I greatly appreciate Cognito Farm bringing real food into the Gainesville community. My husband is from Europe and he gets sick if he orders chicken at a restaurant. His sensitivity is bad enough that he doesn't order dairy or chicken at restaurants any more. We quickly determined it was the antibiotics used in mass produced food. Since his initial adjustment he tollerates food better but prefers my cooking thanks to the quality food we get from Cognito Farm.

My favorites are: the full fat yogurt (the fat is not your enemy if it comes from properly raised animals), eggs, chicken and pork Italian sausage. I'm confident you can't go wrong with anything from Cognito Farm because it's REAL food, it will be REALLY good!

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Great Products!
By: GLADYS WATSON    (Apr 22, 2010)

I bought 2 chickens, pork and some sausage from you last week. I just wanted to tell you that I made some of the best spring rolls I have ever made with that ground pork! It was very good.

I baked one of the chickens Tuesday night & it was great. I could tell when I took the chicken out of the pkg. to clean it that it even felt cleaner to the touch â?? the skin even felt different â?? not as thick & rubbery. There was considerable less fat in the drippings too. Havenâ??t cooked the Italian sausage yet but will be doing so this weekend. I am very pleased & will order again.

P.S. We have a wonderful border collie that I make home made food for & she just loved the chicken too! She is a very spoiled, lucky dogâ?¦.. Ha Ha â?¦

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