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Eggs and milk
By: Dawn Nobile    (Aug 10, 2010)

No matter what's on the label of a carton of eggs, the truth is told by the eggs themselves. Cynthia's eggs are my favorite. On the outside, I'm treated to a rainbow of color, and a range of shapes and sizes. Already, I know I'm getting a good spectrum of nutrients. I pick up one of the smaller ones. It's surprisingly heavy. I take it home. I crack into a fry pan a huge egg I had left in the fridge. It's a pretty good one--free range, local. I crack open Cynthia's egg beside it. I gasp. The yolk is larger than that of the much bigger egg. Deep red orange, firm and round. Cynthia tells me her hens are getting so wild they're developing spurs.

As a nutritionist, I know that the difference between good eggs and bad is huge. I wouldn't pay a penny for poor eggs anymore. And really good eggs like these, nowadays, are rare and precious.

And I am so grateful for the milk fresh and sweet from their docile cow, When she's tied out near the shop, my daughter and I love to give her a rub behind the ears and say "thanks"!

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This is an excellent Farm stand!
By: Carla Allen    (Jan 24, 2010)

I love shopping at Midway Farms! There are all sorts of great treasures here! From local eggs, yummy cheese, produce, soaps, herbs, flowers, bulbs, hand crafted items and dairy items! I know there is more there! Farmer Cynthia is awesome! And check out Heidi the Cow!! You have to come visit this local farm stand!

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Cynthia Kapple says:    (Jan 27, 2010)

Thank you Carla for your kind words. We work hard with so many families to produce top quality organic/no spray produce and other goods. Thank you again for supporting us through our CSA. Farmer Cynthia

First Visit Midway Farms -- Fun!
By: Keri McKenzie    (May 19, 2008)

Midway Farms was a delightful jumble of produce, nursery plants, and fresh eggs & milk. Produce offerings were limited when I visited but all excellent quality. Bring the kids to see Heidi the cow!

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Cynthia Kapple says:    (May 24, 2008)

Thank you for appreciating our hard work to provide wonderful local in season produce. Watch for all the yummy fruits & veggies in this coming summer season! Your Farmer Cynthia

Cynthia Kapple says:    (Nov 26, 2008)

With our new enclosed red barn we have expanded a great deal. You won't believe what all we have to offer. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find what all can be grown right here in your own neighborhood like fresh rainbow carrots, beautiful fuzzy kiwi or magnificent magenta chard. We have chocolate hazelnuts & award winning cheeses from a local dairy just north of us. We even have hand made soaps, dried herbs, cards & fragrant paper white flowers. You could say we're a farm boutique.