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Great High School Experience
By: Daniel Brickley    (Nov 17, 2008)

I was in high school when my family was a member of this farm, and 3RF really inspired me. Working on the farm with my family was peaceful and relaxing, not boring like I thought it might be at first. Also, Robin and Greg were always so nice and helpful. Greg always took the time to explain why were were doing what we were doing. This grabbed my attention so much that I decided to take AP Environmental Science in my senior year of high school. When I convinced my teacher to take us on a field trip to the farm, Robin and Greg were again generous, with both time and knowledge.

I am now an environmental studies and biology major at my university, and I was able to go on a research trip to Mongolia with the biology department. Having experience at the farm was a big reason for my major and my acceptance to the Mongolia program. I am also planning to work on an organic farm through the WWOOF network while I am studying abroad in Germany. When I go home for the summer, my family now attends a different farm, and I really miss the time we spent at 3RF.

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Healthy Serenity
By: Laura Brickley    (Nov 17, 2008)

I miss our Saturdays at Three Roods. Robin and Greg created the perfect serene setting for planting, growing, and harvesting organic produce. We learned so much about food and nourishment. My high school age children loved it so much that they brought their environmental science class annually to Three Roods as an educational field trip. We were very happy with the quality and the quantity of our shares, but the drive was a bit far for us so we found another CSA that Robin recommended to us. I highly recommend the CSA experience especially at Three Roods Farms!

The Brickley Family

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Three Roods Farm
By: Penel Pestronk    (May 22, 2008)

Our one season experience with CSA at Three Roods Farm was extremely positive. The amount of produce we received was a great value for the investment. The quality and diversity of fruits and vegetables was superior. And we knew we were avoiding pesticides and other chemicals. The farm provides a magical escape when you work there. The owners are very knowledgeable, friendly and fun. They gladly answered our many questions and educated us as we spent time at the farm. I wished it had been something we had done with our kids when they were little. It would be a great family activity. We only stopped due to other time committments and generally not being available often to receive our vegetables on the weekends. We actually had half a share and for two of us, there was always much more than we could use, plenty to share with friends and neighbors.

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Our experience with Three Roods Farm
By: Rhina Griffel    (May 15, 2008)

We had an excellent experience with Three Roods Farm several years ago. All of the produce was of the highest quality and there was a good variety as well. We were introduced to kale, in particular, which turned out to be among our favorites - and this is not readily available in supermarkets. We enjoyed going to the farm and spending time with Robin and Greg and the other members and sharing in the tasks which needed to be done. However, it was at a great distance, and, as we are away frequently on weekends, it became somewhat inconvenient to obtain our half-share on a consistent basis - the reason for our non renewal. As for the produce, however, we were most pleased and would recommend it to anyone who might be considering it.

R. and E. Griffel

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Superb farming
By: Ester Fuchs    (May 12, 2008)

Me and 3 other friends bought one share between us. It was bountiful, and A + quality. Could not wish for a better produce. We could not continue due to logistics, but Robin's and Greg's farm is the Harvard-Yale of organic farming. Ester Fuchs, Ofer Fuchs, Iris Fuchs, Patrick Doig, Priscilla Donovan.

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Working Away in Columbiaville vs. Wasting Away in Margaritav
By: Charlotte Bruce    (May 12, 2008)

We bought a 1/2 share a few years back. Working once per month on the farm was relaxing, and rewarding. The quality and quantity of the produce we received was excellent. This is a wonderul experience for families who want to eat healthier and "get back to nature".

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Fun times at Three Roods
By:    (May 12, 2008)

My family and I had a wonderful time sharing produce and time with the family at three roods farm. Greg, Robin, and all of the volunteers were lovely and we really felt we were part of the family. We chose not to participate this year due to choosing to stay a bit more local. Although, the one and a half hour drive was worth it, each and every weekend last year!

love you all!

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