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By: Susan Rock    (Sep 23, 2012)

Dedicated to growing wonderful produce without all of those nasty pesticide sprays! The garlic, shallots, tomatoes, specialty chili peppers, sweet potatoes and gourmet squashes are some of the best you will EVER have! Come on Kenosha and Racine home canners and eateries, support this local will NOT be disappointed.

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Let's hear it for organic!
By: Ellen Nestler    (Sep 8, 2010)

This farm is organic and they have a great selection. The quality is consistantly the best. Their roadside stand is well stocked and the prices well marked and reasonable. The stand operates on the honor system with the prices per pound, a hanging scale and a secured cash box. It is so refreshing to be trusted. It is great to be able to carefully select produce without feeling rushed.

One Saturday, while shopping at the Downtown Racine Farmers Market, one of the folks from this farm told me that after the market ended at noon, he was going to pick some fresh corn and have it in the stand by mid-afternoon. I ran down there at 3:30 to get a really fresh dozen, took them home and oven roasted them, in the husk, for the best tasting corn I have had in my entire life!

It's friendly, personal service like that, along with the top-notch organic produce, that makes this farm the best.

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