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Do not trust Rise and Shine Farms
By: Jenniffer Mayer    (May 3, 2013)

I had signed up with rise and shine farms for their CSA for summer 2012, halfway through the season they had a crop failure and would no longer be able to continue that year. They offered several options (even though in their contract it states that there is a risk in becoming a member of the CSA, and that they do not offer refunds) for the loss of service, which included getting produce the following year, receiving items produced on their farm, or getting holiday poultry. I stupidly picked getting produce the next year. Well it is now the next year and they are refusing to honor the commitments that they made. They do not have a good business practice and obviously their "word" means nothing!

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Nicklaus Monroy says:    (Nov 21, 2014)

There are a lot of variables going on here and I do not really know what happened based on your statements, however generally I must say that this is a risk that you run when buying local produce. There is volatility in crops that are far beyond the control of the producers. We are so used to going to the local store and buying everything that we need that you do not see the very difficult job that these producers have to bring their crops to your table. I think this review could be a little more understanding of this. Can you imagine losing a significant portion of your business for a year and then trying to keep your doors open, pay your employees, and satisfy your customers at the same time? With these kinds of externalities at play I hope buyers can be more understanding to the significant obstacles small producers must endure, especially after issues like this.

Local eating at its best!
By: Becky Czarnik    (Mar 3, 2011)

Just signed up for another year with Rise and Shine! Even though last year was a tough one, I enjoyed all the pickings that were provided. This is a hard working family farm who excels in exceeding customer service. All the produce, chicken and eggs are excellent. I appreciated the added bonus of the "farmstand" where you can get additional local items (honey, beef, extra tomatoes for canning, etc) Looking forward to a great 2011

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Loved it!
By: Suzanne Lynn    (Oct 26, 2010)

This is my first year with a CSA, and I am very glad that I chose Rise and Shine Farms. Everything that they have delivered this year has been fresh and wonderful and the communication has been clear and timely. They have addressed any challenges that they faced this year with open and honest communication and have exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be back next year, the weekly emails from Teri and visits from Mike make me smile!

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2010 season
By: Becky Brooks    (Oct 26, 2010)

In response to natural foodie. Your representations are inaccurate. There never was a water supply problem. Mike and Terri hired a professional for the commercial license, survey and permitting water process prior to starting their business, and operated their business for two years thinking they were in full compliance with all laws. They did not find out about a problem until a City employee showed up to shut down their water, stating they had the wrong permit.

Regarding your public humiliation; I have the email you are referring to, and unless you divulged your identity yourself, this statement is inaccurate. The message states a member (no name mentioned) was dissatisfied with their shares and Mike immediately sought input from other members.

I have always received flavorful and organic produce.

Mike and Terri are always honest with their situation, and take pride in providing organic, local products.

The previous CSA I belonged to actually purchased produce from Wholefoods, passing it off as their own. Additionally, I would wait up to an hour for deliveries at designated meeting places and I was constantly frustrated with the lack of follow through, reliability and false promises. Perhaps you are comfortable with these shortcomings, but I prefer honesty and will stay with Rise and Shine Farms for my third year in a row.

I am sorry you feel you were so wronged. I wish you well.

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Buyer Beware
By: natural foodie    (Sep 24, 2010)

As someone who has had experiences with CSA from California to Nevada for the PAST TEN YEARS, I'll put and honest review in for this farm. This farm really needs to get their act together. They have a water supply problem that is their own fault. They need to comply with all permitting and regulations regarding water use and land use BEFORE they start selling a product to ANYBODY. They need understand that feedback from subscribers are not meant to be made as a lesson in public humiliation, but taken in and contemplated. I have never seen a CSA be a model of negativity with regards to drumming up support for whatever victimization they deem they are under. Honestly, with the exceptions on their eggs, chickens, and turkeys, their produce needs a lot more improvement in quality and taste. Needless to say, I will support another local farmer, not matter what the growing condition is like next year. Hopefully this will warn future subscribers that if they want to subscribe, they better march in with only encouraging words, no matter how bad things are. All other feedback will be publicly announced and humiliated. So consider yourself warned.

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Best. Eggs.Ever.
By: Sabrina Allen    (Sep 26, 2008)

We love Rise and Shine. They deliver like clockwork and their eggs are consistently fresh and delicious. Next year we will buy a share and enjoy their great produce too.

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