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Great CSA Experience
By: Jenny Hensgen    (Oct 31, 2010)

This was my first year participating in a CSA, and I loved the experience. I did a worker share, planting, weeding, harvesting, washing food in preparation for CSA pick-up. This year was heavy on the rain and heat , which was great for some produce and not for others. I gained a new appreciation for the effort that goes into the food that my family eats. I experienced new foods that I would never buy in the grocery store, because that was what was in my bag for the week. My bag was alway full, we did not go without any time during the season. I think that people that participate in a CSA need to remember that you are eating seasonally, and on the farm every thing is not ready when you feel like it, so you need to look at things differently. Freeze, can and share the harvest, try new recipes, and enjoy freshness that you can't get from any store. Jennifer and her family are doing an outstanding job of raising quality organic produce. I cant' wait for next season. Jenny

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Could be better
By:    (Oct 28, 2010)

We were very disappointed with Vintage Hobby Farm. We rarely left with a full bag of produce (though twice we left with 2 bags when there was surplus summer squash and cucumbers), most of the time it was about half a bag. The other CSAs we have been a part of always provided us with 2 bags of produce. When we mentioned this in the CSA evaluation we got a reply back that basically said we were wrong and that most other CSAs usually only give one bag of produce. Well, not according to our experiences! It is an evaluation and we are entitled to say how we feel and reference what we have experienced before and not be admonished.

We appreciate the fact that Vintage Hobby Farm grows many heirlooms. Too bad we picked this year to join since we saw the heirlooms did not do so well (quote from the farm in response tou our evaluation of the CSA) and also for the fact that many of the heirlooms they grew on the farm we were growing in our own garden.

Needless to say we will not be joining Vintage Hobby Farm CSA again. We simply did not get enough of what we paid for.

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Jennifer Martinez says:    (Oct 31, 2010)

We at Vintage Hobby Farm offer a bag of produce per pick up. When you join a CSA you take the risk some crops may fail. Some of the heirlooms this season were taken over by bugs. It was a very hot humid season and some crops did not like it. We grow our produce in the organic method and feel we give out $25 or more worth each pick up. I have not yet found a csa who gives out 2 bags worth unless they have an abundance. I am sorry they were not satisfied, we do our best to make our members happy. Jennifer

Great Crop Share
By: Julie Wagner    (Nov 4, 2009)

This was our second year with Vintage Hobby Farm and it has been a great experience. Jennifer and Justin work very hard to provide quality and variety. I loved that we got greens every week of the share! Farming is not easy and crops do not always turn out, however they would always give a little extra. Some weeks we would get eggs or honey or flowers even though they were not originally part of the share. We also get our Thanksgiving turkey from Vintage Hobby Farm and it is delicious! This farm does a great job - growing food the old-fashioned way!

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A Pleasure to have a Worker Share Oppportunity!
By: Ginger Buehner    (Nov 4, 2009)

This is our 2nd year at Vintage Hobby Farm. The Worker Share is a great opportunity to experience the CSA farm "up close"! I truly enjoy seeing from week to week the progress and growth of the plants. The farm has quite a variety of heirloom vegetables- with more changes planned for the 2010 season.Being in the fields and gardens allows one to appreciate the joys and challenges of the farm work in our local community. As well, it is a pleasure to work @ Vintage Hobby Farm, where Jennifer and Justin are constantly working to improve their farm operation ! We'll be back next year!

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Not worth the money
By:    (Oct 18, 2009)

Seldom left with a bag's worth of produce - the vegetables were small in size and a lot of the time either so hard you could not cut them or very bitter and not fit to eat - more ended up in the compost than on the dinner table.

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Jennifer Martinez says:    (Nov 3, 2009)

We at Vintage Hobby Farm grow Heirloom produce and sometimes it is smaller than conventional produce. This was the only bad review I had out of all my members in 2009. It was a hard growing season, but we did not short anyone on a fair amount.

Loved it!
By: Lisa Hhh    (Sep 24, 2009)

We loved everything we received this year: a great variety of veggies, salad fixings, and herbs. If anyone would like input on the 1/2 vs full shares... I had a hard time deciding if the full or 1/2 would work best for us and I'm glad we did the full. My husband and I have been able to eat just about everything by ourselves. We're both good veggie eaters and it helps to have them handy in the house on a weekly basis.

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