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Delicious Beef
By: nikki mack    (Apr 10, 2010)

I recently bought a 1/4 beef from VDB organic and I have to say I was very impressed with the difference in taste. The beef was delicious, I haven't had beef that tasted that good unless it was at a steak house. All deliciousness aside tho, after visiting the farm I felt good supporting VDB farm. It is evident in talking with Bob that he and his wife are true stewards of the land and they have such respect for the animals the are raising. Since buying from them, I have decided to never go back to buying conventionally raised beef from a grocery store. I look forward to trying the other products VDB Organic Farms has to offer as well as ordering more beef!

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They know what they are doing!
By: Stephanie Rivers    (Jun 7, 2008)

I highly recommend all of the products from VDB Organic Farms. The eggs are amazing with bright orange yolks. The love and kindness they give to their animals (and their land) really comes through in the final product. I especially appreciate that they do rotational grazing and avoid feeding soy to their animals.

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