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Container Gardening
By:    (May 19, 2014)

If anyone wants to learn ANYTHING about gardening -- Tony is your guy!!! Super informative and fun! Great way to spend the day . . . outdoors in the dirt!!!

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So informative!
By: Kathy DAmbrosio    (May 3, 2014)

My husband & I were interested in learning to grow our own organic food. And WOW did we learn! We met Tony at a community garden where we were able to see firsthand the results of proper & improper/neglected gardens. He gave us a lot of techniques for dealing with the unique gardening challenges we face in South Florida. Tony is extremely passionate about gardening and it is contagious! We highly recommend his workshops. Whether you're a beginner or more advanced, there's always something more to learn!

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Tony Dagher says:    (May 5, 2014)

I want to say how lucky and grateful I am to have garden enthusiasts like David and Kathy.Both traveled from Broward County .They were ready and prepared .They came with a positive attitude and an open mind.They asked questions ,listened and observed.They were simple and ready to be motivated and empowered .Even though they were masters of the UP-State New York ways of gardening , they showed enthusiasm to cope and learn the Tropical way of S. Florida gardening which is different but not difficult.Starting small and keeping on learning and applying the gardening process is by itself a challenge to be met by the garden braves , like David and Kathy.Thank you for coming to my gardening class.Hope to see you again.

I highly recommend Mr. Tony Dagher as a gardening teacher.
By: Cece Blake    (Mar 15, 2014)

As a novice in gardening, it was my lucky day when I was told about Mr. Tony Dagher and how he would help me to acquire a working knowledge of gardening. I knew that I needed to know much more than I knew, but it did not realize that there was so much more to know! Never in my imagination would I have figured that the soil to grow plants in would need so many nutrients to truly give the plants all that they need, so that they will be the best that they could be. I wanted to learn how to grow organic; Tony was a real God send! There also is so much to know about what kind of vegetables to grow in Florida. Yes, you could buy some books on growing vegetables, but you will be handicapped, because Florida has such a different environment with the sun and the vegetable-eating critters. You have to understand more specifically about how to grow things in Florida, and Mr. Dagher is a most valuable source to help you succeed. I am working one-on-one with Tony, and am looking forward to attending more of his classes, which are held outside in a garden, where he shows us what he is talking about. Even though spring and summer are coming, Mr. Tony Dagher knows how to grow things even in the hottest days of summer, when most people will tell you that you can?t grow anything in Florida! I have had the privilege to see a place where Tony grows his own plants, and it is almost self-sustaining, as he has planted his plants so that they retain more water in the soil than anything I have ever seen! And, it requires no irrigation. I highly recommend the expertise of Mr. Dagher to you, and look forward to growing my own vegetables year-round with his help. I look forward to a long time education with Tony. He is a pleasure to work with! Cece Blake

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Thoughtful and Insightful Afternoon
By:    (Mar 12, 2014)

I wanted to know more about urban gardening, specifically about small-scale patio gardening for herbs and small vegetables. Tony is a fountain of inspiration, with a intense connection to his plants and the earth. He generously shared his knowledge with enthusiasm and honesty.

For a nominal donation, I drove home with an abundance of plants and two bags of rich soil - my starter kit, as Tony called it. Next day I bought a large and deep bin, filled it according to Tony's formula of moss-soil-vermiculite and re-planted my new friends.

In only three days, I can see they are all thriving and happy to be here. In another few days, I'll start harvesting from the herbs.

I highly recommend an afternoon with Tony - it is time extremely well-spent!

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Doctor Dirt at your service!
By: Len green    (Jan 21, 2014)

I took my first class last weekend he started out by sharing his wisdom verbally as I took notes. But that was just the beginning. The true learning began when we went to the real classroom "the garden". It was a spiritual experience,this guy knows his stuff. Be prepared to commune with the earth, that is touch the dirt. I think we should call him the Dirt Whisperer.

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Tony Dagher says:    (Jan 28, 2014)

I am thrilled and honored of having Len as my Role Model student. He is an engineer but simple and humble .He has a purpose to set up an organic garden at his home . Learning the gardening PROCESS in South Florida takes courage to face up with the heat and humidity and other challenges. Len has more than courage: Passion! It takes efforts to learn and and apply , time and budget to execute .One must be READY, like Len, to study then create .The Teacher will show up when the student is ready! Thank you Len for coming to my classes ..repeatedly!

amazing master gardener
By: Alex Allen    (Sep 19, 2013)

I benefitted greatly by attending Tony's class. Yesterday I was at the library looking what to do and saw there was a class on whitefly, and went. It turns out it was a really good decision. I mean I was surprised to enjoy learning about what is really happening in our Florida landscape. He awakens us to be active participants in our gardens. And he has a way about him that makes gardening enjoyable.

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bob menard says:    (Dec 31, 2013)

Mr. Allen is right. Tony has a way of getting you to enjoy even the most mundane parts of gardening.As a newby gardener I get the fundamental approach Tony uses to teach the basics of gardening. After a class with Tony's hands on approach I think now (after reading numerous articles on the subject) I can actually build a good compost. Preparing the soil properly to reduce bad bug infestation is another one of the many thing I learned in this information packed class. Looking forward to the next class

Gardening Mindfully
By: Liane Vesell    (Jun 22, 2013)

Tony is an exceptional person; he has extensive knowledge about creating, maintaining & growing plants. Growing plants in FL is not easy, & I deeply value the teachings I've received from him about how to manage my green space. His great concern for the environment is apparent in how mindful he is about the gardening techniques he uses & makes sure that they all harmonize with nature. Tony has been indispensable in teaching me how to manage the white fly problem without synthetic pesticides. In the past, I've attended several of his classes, but I've also had him come to my home to teach me too. I love his hands-on style; it's the best way too learn:-)

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Great class!!
By: Cheryl Koenig    (Jun 7, 2013)

I took my first glass with Tony last month and really enjoyed it. He combines his vast and knowledge and experience with his love for Mother Nature and teaching people how to interact with the earth in a loving and respectful manner. I'm looking forward to learning more.

Thank you, Tony

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