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Can't wait for the 2011 season
By: Mary Beth Einerson    (May 25, 2011)

This was our first year in a CSA and for a very difficult growing season I was extremely impressed. Jamie and her crew were always upbeat and helpful even when the weather hit them hard. Loved the recipes at site and online. Only suggestion would be to post online what each of the items in the bag were-they were always well explained at pick-up, but sometimes I'd forget before I we them eaten/cooked!

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By: John Aa    (Dec 27, 2010)

We joined this CSA in 2010, and were very disappointed with our experience. We received very few vegetables, even during the Fall, and were treated rudely by the proprietors. The vegetables we did receive were often poor quality. The fruit share was quite good. Wayward Seed claimed to have suffered from very poor weather, but other local farmers seemed to do fine. We have since signed up for a Winter CSA with a different local farm, and are getting more produce from them in the Winter then we did from Wayward seed in the Summer.

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Jaime Moore says:    (Jan 12, 2011)

John--first, let me say that we are so sorry to hear that you were unhappy with your service and your CSA share. We pride ourselves on our level of service, and we encourage our members to let us know when they feel something isn't quite up to par. So, thank you for telling us--but admittedly, we are saddened that we didn't know sooner, considering you were so unhappy. Between the heat and the cold, the flood and the drought, our fields just didn't get what they needed. We planted and replanted with little success. In five years, this was our most difficult by far. (And in turn the same can be said for our members.) It was a test of our faith in organic method agriculture, to say the least, but we believe providing a trusted product in the end is worth the effort. We've been diligently planning for 2011 over the past six weeks--more so than any previous year. We've reviewed our crops, the planting schedule, equipment, markets, staffing--we've reviewed and debated every detail and we're getting closer to what we believe will be the plan for a successful season for Wayward Seed and its CSA members. Whether it's our farm or any other, in the end, we want to see our members enjoy a personal relationship with the men and women that are growing their food. Here's to 2011!

Marie Nichols says:    (Feb 25, 2011)

The growing season for 2010 was very difficult. Between the wet May and June, then a bone-dry July through September, it's a wonder anyone was able to grow much of anything. Don't give up, Wayward Farm!

By:    (Jun 19, 2009)

My first CSA this year is with Wayward Seed Farm. I'm getting fruit and vegetable shares. I really do not know what many of the greens are so I don't know whether some of them are to be eaten cool or cooked so some leafy vegetables have gone to waste. A note or posting each week sure would help so I know how to prepare some of this.

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Off to a great start
By: Steven    (May 3, 2009)

We're first time participants in a CSA and early research led us to Wayward Seed Farm.

Early impressions are really favorable- great communication / updates via email, opportunities to meet / interact with their staff, and pickup locations are very convenient. We're looking forward to the '09 growing season!

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Our First CSA
By: Sara Abele    (Oct 12, 2008)

This is the first season I have "subscribed" to a CSA. I found the produce in the Wayward Seed CSA to be of excellent quality and enjoyed receiving heirloom vegetables and unusual varieties. I also enjoy that they have partnered with neighboring farms to offer a fruit CSA, which enabled to buy the majority of my produce for the entire summer from Wayward Seed.

Wayward seed was very flexible and was always able to accommodate my requests to buy items in bulk for canning/freezing. They also offer varied share sizes which is perfect for my small family.

My only suggestions for improvement would be for them to include some "staple" items such as onions and garlic in EVERY weeks share if at all possible. Since these are items that store well, I think that with proper planning this could be achieved. The shares were also quite "light" on tomatoes.

I know they have improvements in mind for the 09 season and I am excited to see what changes they make for next year.

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Wonderful variety and quality
By: Yukiko Bates    (Oct 9, 2008)

We have absolutely loved the produce we receive from Wayward Seed each week. The produce is high quality, of great variety and the perfect quantity for a household of two adults (We bought a two person weekly share.). It has been so much fun to try new varieties that we had never before been aware of. We highly recommend Wayward Seed to anyone looking to become part of CSA.

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