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Wonderful CSA with Dayton, Ohio area deliveries
By: Judy B.    (Nov 12, 2014)

We are a 2014 member of John Zook's Hickory Haven CSA and are excited that he will be joining with Cedarmore Farm's CSA in 2015. Even more exciting is that they will continue with deliveries to the Dayton, Ohio area. Plenty of fresh, clean, organic vegetables in each week's share. We are excitedly waiting for Spring 2015 to enjoy next season's CSA. Thank you for a great CSA!

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By: Davina Eccard    (Jun 22, 2012)

I originally signed up for the Cedarmore Farm CSA beginning with their Summer and Fall 2011 seasons, adding egg shares for each week as well. I really couldn't have been happier! I loved getting the fresh, local, organic produce each week so much that I signed up for the full year for 2012 early. I actually counted down the weeks this winter until we started getting our boxes again. I love finding something new and interesting each week in the produce share and the egg share keeps us nicely supplied with farm fresh eggs. You can totally tell a difference. It's all amazing and Andy and Lizzie are incredible folks to work with. Any minor glitches along the way have always been resolved quickly and easily. We've even had several friends and family, who had had issues with other CSAs, sign-up after hearing me rave about Cedarmore's CSA. Our box is always full of fresh, clean produce. I've even discovered some new garden favorites thru the CSA. I've totally become addicted to garlic scapes! Yum! I can't wait to pick-up this week's box this evening. With the care and attention they so obviously put into it, it's like opening a little present every week.

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Loved our first year with Cedarmore!
By: Anita Carroll    (Jan 28, 2012)

Our family just completed our first three-season CSA membership with Cedarmore. I cannot say enough about how much I loved it! Each week we received a nice variety of produce in amounts just right to plan meals around for the week--sometimes more. The few weeks we didn't there was a good explanation (remember this spring was the rainiest EVER in this area) and they sent compensating items-- like maple syrup! Communication is excellent, and the pick up locations are plentiful. Never one time was the delivery late. Our membership in this CSA changed how we ate so positively. We have already renewed for 2012 and added the egg share. The one caveat I have for new members is that this is local produce, so don't expect tomatoes in May and lettuce greens in July. You get them when they grow here and I needed to learn to preserve or freeze items we got in large amounts. As a result, though, we're enjoying delicious corn in January. I do recommend this CSA wholeheartedly.

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Excellent experience
By: amy collins    (Jan 22, 2012)

This was our first year joining a CSA. I carefully chose Cedarmore farm after researching many options in the area. We selected them based on their organic farming methods, the variety of produce grown, cost and number of weeks available. We were not disappointed! Each week, we had a large box full of high quality veggies. We especially loved the green beans, eggs, onions, strawberries and variety of squash. We can't wait for the season to begin again.

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We Eat Healthier
By: Ray Meadows    (Jan 18, 2012)

I know that my family and I are eating healthier during the CSA season. Cedarmore uses organic farming methods and the quality of our produce rivaled any farmers market. We tried several things that we wouldn't have otherwise tried just because they came in our weekly box. The home made suprise in our box each week also was a highlight and added to the fun. I highly reccomend Cedarmore Farm and we can't wait until the first spring share arrives.

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A Great Beginning with Cedarmore Farm
By: jan ellis    (Jan 17, 2012)

The vegetables, baked good, weekly canned share, the brown egg share, the delicious maple syrup, and even the homemade soaps have made our first experience with a CSA very interesting and educational. Not being a country girl I was a little puzzled about some of the vegetables. But after doing a little research and emailing the farm we now enjoy new vegetables like rainbow Swiss Chard and butternut squash. I wish a box would come every week of the year. We look forward to our next year with the CSA and plan to spread the word to others about the organic growing methods of Cedarmore Farm. Thanks to Andy and Lizzie's hardwork we are eating healthier than we ever have and now really look at what we are eating.

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Looking forward to another good year!
By: Susan Knisley    (Jan 14, 2012)

I am SO looking forward to another growing season. The salad greens and tomaotes are so good! I've never had better salads than I can make from the produce boxes. I enjoy the greens, green beans, onions, garlic,and sweet corn. I've also never had better sweet potatoes. I love the surprise--- each week it's like opening a treasure chest. We also really like the home made baked goods.

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By:    (Nov 11, 2011)

This is our second year in a CSA...last year was so horrible (with a different CSA) that we nearly didn't try again, but at the last minute, we decided to give it one more try and signed up with Cedarmore Farm CSA. We signed up for the whole season - spring, summer and fall. We have been delighted from week 1! Our boxes have always been packed full with delicious, fresh, clean produce. We have truly been excited to pick up our box each Friday and have NEVER been disappointed. In fact, we are a little sad that it will be ending soon, but are definitely signing up again for next season. Andy and Lizzie do a remarkable job and I highly recommend this CSA. They filled up in 2011, so sign up early for 2012!

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