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Excellent chicken
By: Karen Shea    (Jul 23, 2012)

I bought a couple of chickens from Green Acres farm at the Palafox Market this year. They were the best I've had since my grandparents stopped farming. My husband gave me a hard time about the price but once he tasted the bird, he was hooked. Now he asks when I'm getting them again.

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Pork like it should taste
By: Stephen Stuk    (May 5, 2011)

We purchase an entire hog from Mark and are thrilled. The ham we had for Easter was fantastic, tasted like we remembered from our childhood. Green Acres does a fantastic job of raising this wonderful breed.

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I drive 131 miles to buy meat from Green Acres Farm
By: Cathy Robinson    (Mar 18, 2011)

I've purchased lamb, pork, chickens, and eggs. It has all been so good! my family will not eat store bought meat again. I have to drive 2 1/2 hours but it's worth the drive every time. Iâ??ve used farm to consumer purchases before and customer service is often lacking when dealing with farms. However, dealing with Green Acres I have never had a bad customer service experience.

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Best eggs ever!
By: Gulf Breezers    (Feb 27, 2011)

We've been eating Green Acres Farm eggs for about 18 mos, ever since a friend suggested them to us. What a difference from even the freshest 'brand name' eggs in the grocery store! I couldn't even tell the difference between normal and organic in the store but these eggs stand apart all on their own. They are best thing next to raising the chickens yourself...without all the work.

Thanks for all you continue to do!

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Great Chicken, Great People, Great Farm!
By: John Mascaro    (Nov 9, 2010)

We've been buying chicken from Green Acres Farm for over 2 years now and very much appreciate the care and dedication which which Kimberly and Mark Casson bring to their organic birds. In our case, we're lucky to have them so close to our own home, but any family will benefit from Green Acre's naturally raised & fed poultry, many of which we've seen raised from chicks!

As to prices: it's the old get what you pay for. You want "the real deal" in organic and naturally raised, truly "free roaming" birds, you gotta be willing to invest in your health and nutrition and the well being of your family. Compare prices and you will not find too many other farms with such reasonable offerings within many miles. And forget about the store-bought birds: low prices, yes; as organic and healthy as Green Acres....not necessarily. You can either pay a little more for your organic food and better health now or pay a little more for health care and medication later. We choose the former.

As the TV show once said: "Green Acres Is The Place for Me!"

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Local fresh is so much better than store-bought!
By: jc dumestre    (Jul 9, 2010)

Once you have cooked and eaten a fresh chicken from Green Acres Farm, you will never want supermarket chicken again! I learned about Green Acres Farm fresh chicken from the owner's mother, just after I had finished reading "My Life In France," by Julia Child. I remembered having had fresh turkey from a local farm in Mississippi one Thanksgiving, and I knew that the fresh, locally raised chicken would be so much better than store-bought as well - just as Julie wrote in her book. Julia Child was right about using really fresh eggs, too! Now I am hooked on all the Green Acres Farm products. I have ordered a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving this year, and I want the Muscovy Ducks again, too.

I made a wonderful shepherd's pie from the ground mutton. It was so good that I could not believe the lamb could possibly be any better, but it was! (When my sister went to Crete recently, I remebered the wonderful moussaka we had in Greece many years ago...) I saw the eggplant at the Palafox Market when I went to buy more mutton, and I knew I would have to buy the Green Acres Farm ground lamb and make moussaka. It was so good and flavorful that I almost ate it right out of the browning pan instead of baking it! It is so much healthier to cook fresh and to control what is added to your food. Thank goodness I found out about Green Acres Farm fresh products. Thank you, Mark, for all your hard work! jd

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locovore in training
By: robert ISRAEL    (Apr 13, 2010)

As budding locovores, my spouse and I visited Green Acres Farm, inspected the farming practices, and purchased chickens, grass fed lamb, and eggs. It has all been better than we hoped. Best chicken ever, most flavorful eggs, and superb lamb. The pasturing and animal care is natural and humane and the results are superb. We will be regulars at the farm. Eggs and meat raised using these techniques are a completely different product than those found in most supermarkets. Much tastier and so much healthier.

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Chickens for Sunday dinner!!!!
By: Barbara M. Mathews    (Jun 6, 2009)

I could not be more pleased with the chickens I have bought from this wonderful provider. It brings me back, with the greatest delight, to my grandfather's home-raised chickens that we had every Sunday for our family dinners. ( My favorite piece was always the back.) I remember that my grandfather, as he was carving and serving the chickens, always gave us the chance to choose our favorite part of the chickens being served each Sunday! I am positive that I will never again buy a "grocery store chicken" as long as I live. If I can't get a chicken from Green Acres Farm, I'll not eat another chicken! Thank you for this opportunity to tell you about this fine provider. Barbara Mathews

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