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Great Clean Food
By: Brenda Arnold    (Feb 6, 2009)

Thanksgiving of 2008 was my first year to purchase locally a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. It was the best turkey I have had. I normally don't eat meat except around the holidays, so therefore I wanted to make sure that what I and my family were putting in our bodies was a good clean product, now I just have to convince the rest of my family that the extra cost of buying a local free range turkey vs. buying a hormone filled turkey that has been cruely treated and shipped from goodness knows where is far worth it, not to mention the health benefits.

I think it is extremely important to patronize local farms as much as possible. Mark was a pleasure to deal with and his philosophy on raising local clean foods not only for his family but for the community will definately keep me comming back!

I look forward to purchasing other products from Mark and his family.

Brenda Arnold

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Delicious food from a wonderful family
By: Brenda Callaway    (Jan 29, 2009)

We have purchased chickens, turkeys and eggs from Green Acres Farm and can assure you that you will not be dissatisfied.

The chickens and turkeys are clean and fresh smelling. The meat is moist and tender whether you are eating dark or white meat, and the flavor is rich and fresh. My family was amazed at how much flavor the turkeys had this holiday season-our first with Green Acres birds.

The eggs are indescribably good. Beautiful orange yolks, full and firm with a flavor that will knock your socks off if you've only had commercial eggs. They beat up full and fluffy when used in baking and actually add flavor to a recipe, not just binding.

But a trip the to farm is about so much more than just getting delicious food. This is a great family, excited about what they are doing and eager to share that excitement with you. I truly look forward to our trips there.

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Eggs, veggies and chickens.
By: Judith Bennett    (Jan 29, 2009)

Eggs, produce and chickens

My husband and I were able to share in Green Acres Farm harvest last year.

The eggs were fresh with bright yellow yolks that stood up in the pan.

The veggies were clean and firm. We regret that there was not more of the veggies to buy.

The chickens we bought were squeaky-clean. No factory-processed chicken can claim to be that clean. We prepared the chickens by roasting and stewing and the meat was tender and flavorful, just great. Even the leftovers, that we used to make soup and froze for later use, were delicious and tender.

We were very pleased with all products and appreciate the wholesome goodness of fresh, naturally raised food.

The Bennetts Pensacola

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