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TotallyRecommend Farmer Dave's CSA
By: Cindy Li    (Feb 6, 2013)

I have been a subscriber for two years and have subscribed for the current year. Each week there is plenty of food for our family. Sometimes there is an overwhelming abundance which allows for putting some aside for the winter. My only regret about this share is that they do not include strawberries in the vegetable share and they are too early to be included in the fruit share so I totally miss out on that and it is something that many other CSAs do include in their CSA share. I also purchase the fruit share which I recommend, though not quite as fully. The end of the season seems to find me with an overabundance of apples, and not much else. The early part of the season has a nice variety and a nice quantity of fruit. A feature that I find tremendously useful (and which was a drawing point for me to this CSA vs. others) is the swap box. I have a few allergies and there are a few items I just would never consume so having the ability of swapping these items when they appear in the share extends the value for my family.

Also, everyone I've ever spoken with in person or on the phone is tremendously helpful and very friendly. I like that!

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My family of 6 loves Farmer Dave's
By: Mrs Eagan    (Jun 4, 2012)

They are generous, honest, and reasonably priced. The value is great and so is the variety. I never thought I would look forward to eating lettuce, but theirs is absolutely delicious. I recommend this CSA to anyone who will listen! CSA pickup day is my favorite day of the week.

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I love my CSA!
By: Jaimee Bellissimo    (Sep 3, 2009)

This is my second year with Farmer Dave's CSA. Not only are Farmer Dave and his team awesome people, but the fruits and vegetables are flavorful and delicious. I love trying new kinds of vegetables (how many people pick up kohlrabi or romanesco on a whim?) and having to eat all of them before I get my next share. I'm never healthier than at CSA time.

Yesterday, for an example, I ate an apple, a peach, a nectarine, a cup of raspberries, two tomatoes, three ears of corn, some celery, dill, and onions in my egg salad, and a lemon cucumber. That's a lot of veggies!

The price is completely reasonable for the amount of food you get. It looks like a lot at first, but if you added up the cost for what you'd pay for organic fruits and vegetables, you come out far ahead with the CSA. Also, when you pick up your produce, you get to hang out with super cute chickens.

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