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By: Christopher McLean    (Dec 16, 2014)

Great tasting oranges. Very sweet, rind easy to peel off. Absolutely amazing this season. Got half a bushel one night, and they were all gone the next day. Will definitely order more next time.

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great fruit
By: James B Miller    (Apr 7, 2014)

The Temple oranges smell like a cross between orange sherbert and orange creamcicle, and the Honey tangerines are almost as good. A close second.

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haven't tried Temples, but Ruby Reds are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!
By: Christine L. Soutter    (Mar 9, 2014)

We had a combo box just before Christmas that contained Ruby Red grapefruit, which were so spectacular that we reordered a 3/4 bushel box of just grapefruit. They, too, were OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Seriously. If you think you like grapefruit just from eating the kind in the grocery store, you have a gustatory surprise awaiting you. These are beyond delicious, beyond extraordinary. The taste is incomparable, and there's so much juice that you can squeeze out more than half a cupful to drink separately from each half even after first eating the entire half with a grapefruit spoon. And if you love fresh-squeezed juice, this will blow you away -- it beats the fresh-squeezed juice on the menu at premier hotels and resorts.

If you think I'm just raving inappropriately, buy some for yourself, and you'll see why these encomiums are still insufficient to describe such unbelievable fruits. Worth every penny and more. The Orange Shop is a treasure we'll return to, year after year.

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Pete & Cindy Spyke says:    (Mar 13, 2014)

Thanks for the wonderful review! The Orange Shop.

Taste of Heaven
By: brian levengood    (Mar 6, 2014)

These were the most exquisite tasting oranges I've ever had the pleasure to bite into. Also, I've never come across such amazing customer service as practiced by the Orange Shop. Couldn't be happier with this experience.

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By: Szara Loring    (Feb 16, 2014)

The oranges arrived nicely package and in excellent condition. The fruit is delicate, sweet and extremely juicy. Being able to order direct from the farm is a wonderful use of technology - you cannot get fruit this fresh in the supermarket.

Extremely happy with the fruit, how it was packaged, and the shipping process. I will order again.

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Great Honeybells, Over and Above Service
By: Nita A Olson    (Feb 13, 2014)

We recently took advantage of the Honeybell special and got a bushel of absolutely delicious fruit. They came in good time, undamaged, and yummy yummy good.

Not only that, though...

Since we love both Honeybells and grapefruit, we had a hard time deciding whether to get a box of Honeyball grapefruit, too. I went to their site to see if they had any kind of Honeyball-Honeybell special. They didn't, so I suggested it via Contact Us that maybe that option could be a nice thought for next year.

Well, lo, and behold when we opened the box, some kind soul had included four lovely Honeyball grapefruit as a competely unexpected bonus! They are super yummy, too.

Thanks a whole grove Orange Shop!

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Hands down the best oranges you will ever taste...period.
By: Vineet K Aggarwal    (Feb 7, 2014)

Some people look forward to Winter because it means holidays and spending time with family. I look forward to Winter because it means I get to order Page oranges from the Orange Shop. I've been ordering Page oranges from the Orange Shop for quite a few years now, and they are the highlight of the Winter months for my wife and I, and now my 9-month old daughter, who will suck these down like she does with nothing else. Anybody who comes over gets my standard "These are the best oranges you will ever taste" before I serve them, and 100% of the time people say, "You know what? You're actually right," and then I send them home with a handful. Hopefully that means I've gotten the Orange Shop new customers (at a minimum I had my in-laws drop in on the actual shop when they were visiting Orlando). Anyhow, thanks to the Orange Shop for the years of great fruit...I look forward to many years more.

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Where are my Honeybells?
By: Vicki Macy    (Feb 3, 2014)

I ordered mine BEFORE my sister and she already got hers, I don't think mine have even been shipped yet. Why?

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Vicki Macy says:    (Feb 3, 2014)

This review is from Jenny Hitchens, not Vicki Macy...Vicki is my sister and she received her honeybells. I have not received mine.

Pete & Cindy Spyke says:    (Mar 9, 2014)

A note on shipping -- we ship our fruit in a special way. We are members of the Florida Gift Fruit Shippers Association, which is a cooperative owned by the individual gift fruit companies. On certain days, we all pack packages going to certain zip codes, transport the packages to our terminal in Orlando where we then load insulated trucks headed to the different destinations within that area. There's basically four different groups of zip codes, plus Canada. The intention is to get the fruit to you faster, and to protect it from freezing. We drop the fruit off at the Post Office, which makes the final delivery. So, it's not unusual for the packages in a single order to arrive on different days, while the outcome is that we can ship perishable fruit into the teeth of cold winter temperatures with a high rate of success. This method is unique in the shipping industry, and predates Fedex and UPS by about 30 years. The Orange Shop