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It's all good!
By: Eileen Langford    (Nov 2, 2008)

Jeff and I have belonged to the IEOPBC for several months now. We have only missed two pick-ups due to being out of town. EVERY week we are so pleased with our "harvest". The produce is consistenly fresh, delicious, economical (SERIOUSLY less expensive than buying it all separately), and includes a large variety of fruits and vegetables. Alexis, Rodney, Jei and Lori have gone the extra mile to see that the disposition of the produce is pleasant, efficient, and quick. Payment for the next pick-up is organized and efficient and to my knowledge, without problems. We have discussed many times our good fortune in happening upon a little article in the Redlands Daily Facts, which we have a little spot for on our news homepage. We would never have known about this amazingly wonderful co-op that provides us with such fresh, healthy food for our bodies and contact with sincere, genuine people who are commited to a healthy lifestyle in a healthy environment. Sometimes standing in line is the best part of the pick-up because we meet such lovely people who share our belief that you are what you eat. It is especially heartening to see all the young people with young children who are fortunate enough to have parents who understand that our western diet is not designed to keep us's designed to keep a few wealthy at the expense of all who don't know better. That Alexis and the others care enough to spend so much time and effort to make a change in the lives of their neighbors speaks volumes about their commitment to health and I am sure adds a special blessing to the food we obtain and enjoy from the IEOPC.

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IEOPBC is up and running again!
By:    (Aug 28, 2008)

I joined Inland Empire Organic Produce Buying Club (IEOPBC) in late April of this year, motivated by my commitment to support local agriculture, and of course by the desire to get the best quality produce available at the most reasonable cost possible.

I'm happy to say that IEOPBC has exceeded my expectations in all areas--price, quality and local sourcing. Since I'm a widow on a fixed income, cost is a major issue with me, but it's not the only one. You get "spoiled" very quickly eating organic fruits and veggies because they taste so much better than their conventionally grown counterparts. They seem so much more "alive" somehow, probably because they ARE! The legendary homegrown tomatoes are the classic example, of course, but it goes for other kinds of produce as well.

IEOPBC has recently experienced some growing pains, mostly because of our rapidly increasing member base and therefore the number of people who show up for the weekly pickups. So we were forced to suspend our pickups for most of July and August, while we acquired a business license and took care of similar red tape. I'm happy to say that these problems have now been solved and IEOPBC is up and running again!

Our first pickup after the hiatus was last Saturday, August 23rd. Over half the produce in that week's shares came from two local organic farms, and the rest was from an organic produce wholesaler. Since the tomato harvest is in full swing right now, one farm contributed a huge heirloom tomato to last Saturday's offering, and the other contributed a bag of very ripe and flavorful cherry tomatoes. There was also a basket of Driscoll's organic raspberries--have you priced those at Clark's or Trader Joe's lately? There was also kale, collards, a bunch of young carrots with tops and a LOT more!

So even though I have to take two buses from San Bernardino to Redlands with my little folding shopping cart, it's well worth the effort and the very reasonable cost involved to be part of this great co-op. Many thanks to our founding genius Alexis, whose dedication to the causes of wholesome food and strong community have sustained her (and us) past many recent roadblocks, to her husband and tireless assistant Rodney, and to our wonderful co-organizer Jei, who has acted as our representative with the city of Redlands and put IEOPBC on a sustainable legal footing. This group is truly an asset to the community.

--Linda aka Raksha

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By: Lisa & John Webster    (Jun 26, 2008)

Alexis is the coordinator of this co-op and does an incredible job. For your $21 you get literally a laundry basket FULL of produce. Last week there was peaches, plums, strawberries, raspberries, onion, kale, squash, spinach, lettuce, celery, carrots. I know I am forgetting some but there was so much. There are approximately 50 people involved with this co-op, but the more we have the better deals we have. The produce has incredible flavor. The strawberries didn't even make it home, I ate them on the way. I can't say enough about the produce. I have now gotten a couple of friends involved in it and they are thrilled to pieces with the produce. If you get a chance to use this co-op you will not be disappointed. It is FANTASTIC!

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