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Good produce, bad business practices
By: Meg    (Apr 12, 2014)

First, this review is long overdue. I joined this CSA 2 seasons ago and it may have improved since then.

I want to start with the fact that the produce, both in quality and variety was really very good.

As the season went on we ran into quite a few weeks where produce was not available or supply was so low that shares were distributed only to some customers (based on pickup day). But oddly, the farmer continued to distribute produce to the customers picking up on the same day, rather than alternate or share what was there between everyone.

In addition, all season we were promised a refund of any missed weeks. While this offer was unnecessary and generous it was promised repeatedly. But with our final basket, rather than a refund, we received a letter explaining that there would be no refund (she did offer a small discount on next season). While I didn't find the refund necessary to start with, the whole thing seems disingenuous (or at least mismanaged and badly handled).

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Jayne Shord says:    (Jan 12, 2015)

Your review is based on your experience in 2011 when you were a member of our first CSA. We experienced problems with drought and were unable to continue for the entire season. Our CSA agreement (which you signed) clearly states that no refunds would be issued for missed shares or cancellations. It also states that by signing the agreement, you were willing to share the bounties as well as the risks associated with CSA membership. Refunds were never promised! The credit issued to each member at the end of the season was done in good faith and was not part of your original CSA agreement. Every business has a learning curve and bumps along the road are expected. Admittedly, our first year was a little bumpy but we have made many changes since then and each year our CSA has continued to improve. We have installed an irrigation system, enlarged the garden, expanded our crops and offerings from the farm, and improved our distribution process. We also include products from other local farms so our members have a greater selection. Our continuing goal is to provide our members with the best produce possible and a positive CSA experience. While we take the concerns of our members seriously and value their input, this review (written in 2014) is based on your experience in 2011. This is now the 5th year for our CSA.