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If only we had learned about you sooner!
By: Marne Sall    (May 1, 2008)

Maryna - You have become a welcome addition to our lifestyle and household. You were referred to us by a friend and our only regret is that we hadn't learned about you and your personal chef services sooner!

I have an action-packed career and am a triathlete and your prepared meals keep me fueled and nourished throughout my day. I start with your burrito or oatmeal each morning and know that I have a flavor-infused, healthy meal waiting for me for lunch each day. I love fish and your menu has made it so much easier to make sure I eat fish more often. The halibut and salmon variations are amazing! Ohhh....and the seafood green curry! Yum!

I love that fact that your meals are prepared and delivered once a week and are fresh, organic, and nothing but healthy goodness! The meal that I take from my fridge on Friday is just as fresh as the one I had the previous Monday.

Maryna, how do you do it? I've been ordering from you over the last year and I have yet to have a duplicate entree! I look forward to reviewing your menu each week and you make pre-planning simple at the click of a mouse.

Thank you for making such a positive change in our lives. Kirk and I fight over the breakfast burritos all the time. Guess I just need to order more! Keep up the great continue to exceed our expectations.

From a very satisfied client and new found friends -

Marne and Kirk Sall

P.S. I had your handmade whole wheat butternut squash ravioli for the first lunch today. I wouldn't mind if this one showed up on the menu again! :-)

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