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By: Sandra Friscia    (May 27, 2008)

Wonderful fiber...I can not believe the amount of fiber I get from just one of the 4 bunnies I have had the good fortune to get from Debra..sweet dispositions too...what a treasure it is owning these fabulous "hare" raisers...

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Beautiful Angoras
By: leslie hulbert    (May 27, 2008)

I have purchased 4 Angoras from Debra, all of them sweet as can be and beautiful!! I am a spinner, knitter, and soon to be weaver and love the fiber I get from the bunnies. I also raise and show rabbits and all the rabbits from Spin The Bunny Rabbitry have placed well, 1st, 2nd, Best of Breed, and 1st in wool classes. Vicki, Punky, Pandora and Cosmo have been a great addition to my Rabbitry. I can't wait to see what comes next. Keep up the excellent breeding program. I recommend if your looking for a good pet or fiber producing Angora, check out Spin The Bunny Rabbitry.

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STB's Willy Wonka
By: Julie Quayle    (May 26, 2008)

My daughters have a french angora from Deb. He is absolutely the calmest rabbit ever, and the most spoiled. He was entered into the rabbit show here in Monterey in April and won Best in Show. He's still young so, we expect him to keep doing well. He is now getting his adult coat in (This will be sent out as fiber to be made into yarn). Willy is very easy to care for and enjoys running around with the girls. He was easily potty trained inside, but has since moved outside to a larger enclosure with a patio run. Keeps my herbs nicely trimmed for me, and takes care of the vegetable scraps regularly. Highly recommend a Spin the Bunny rabbit for a pet.

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