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wonderful meat
By: Holly Coan-Stasiak    (Oct 22, 2009)

We are new to the organic and natural lifestyle. We've purchased chicken and pork thus far. Wonderful taste and NO shrinkage when grilling sausages! My husband loved the cajun chicken brats. We are looking forward to getting our 1/2 cow!!! Holly

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excellent flavor
By: juliette horne    (Jul 18, 2008)

nature's choice farm chicken is very excellent in flavor. We have used it 's juice as the broth in chicken 'n' dumplings , having added nothing to the broth except salt and pepper, with the results tasting better than when we add bullion cubes, carrots and celery!! You can taste a difference between their chickens and other home raised chickens that we've eaten. Delicious!!!!! Their eggs are also very good!!

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Excellent and Guilt Free
By: Denise Tufts    (Jun 23, 2008)

The chicken and turkey are very moist and flavorful. I cooked a Nature's Choice Farm turkey for Christmas last year and it was delicious. We had out of town guests and they were amazed at how good the "leftovers" were. We have cooked the whole and cut up chicken every way possible from oven to grill to rotissery and it always turns out great. The beef is very tender and I eat it guilt free knowing that I am getting as much Omega 3 as I would eating salmon. (And I like a nice juicy burger better than salmon) The roasts cook up very flavorful and the rib eye steaks are the best we have ever eaten. We even get their eggs which are large and tasty. Nothing like a free range bird egg!!!!! We especially like the fact that there are no hormones, steroids, or any other additives in our food. My husband and I have been very happy with all of their products and are looking forward to more products from Nature's Choice Farm.

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Excellent tasting chicken
By: Lynn    (May 12, 2008)

We just LOVE the chicken! It is so moist and tender. It's also very thick - all meat. When I'm cleaning up after dinner, I keep on eating pieces of it as I go by. We've had store bought chicken since and it doesn't come close to comparing. I usually prefer dark meat. Probably because it's more moist. And I love the white meat on this chicken. This chicken is excellent!

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Great Flavor
By: Debbie    (May 12, 2008)

I have been eating eggs and chickens from Nature's Choice for several months now. The eggs are always very fresh and you can tell the difference between them and the supermarkets. The chickens which I have roasted in the oven are very juicy and have wonderful flavor.

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