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best farm EVER!!!!!!
By: Lindsay garison    (Dec 6, 2011)

i have been to many farmers markets so i have shopped at many farms and i keep going back to Springdell Farm. they always have the freshest produce the best meat i have ever tasted and if you are looking for something that they grow but don't have that day they will call you when they have it. during apple season they always have many different types of apples varieties that i had never tasted before and they were all so good. they also get to know their regulars and know you by name. if you don't show up for a while when you do they ask where have you been is everything ok? they are just the sweetest nicest people.

it is also family owned and has been sense 1929 (i think) and it is just the best farm there is!

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A trusted food source
By: Erica Podgorni    (Sep 16, 2010)

The vast majority of the meat, fruits and vegetables we eat come from Springdell. I feel confident that I am feeding my family good quality food that is delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly. All the fruits and vegetables are picked at their peak ripeness and are delicious. Springdell uses IPM methods and therefore I know I am not feeding my family harmful chemicals. All the livestock is treated with the utmost care and respect. I take comfort in knowing that while these animals were alive that they had an excellent quality of life.

When you are at Springdell, you are treated like a friend. Everyone is friendly, polite, helpful and respectful. I have gotten advice on the best ways to cook certain vegetables and advice on my own garden. They have even taken the time to help educate my children about agriculture. Springdell is truly a great benefit to our community!

With all the recent recalls of beef, eggs, tomatoes....I know that my food source is safe and my family is eating the best quality food possible. Thank you Springdell!

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By: Penny McCabe    (Sep 16, 2010)

The CSA is the best money we have ever spent. My two daughters and I go weekly to see what is in the basket and we are always amazed. Their little hands are taking out something yummy to eat before we get to the car. Delicious lemon cucumbers, eggplant, fruits all summer were amazing, and the lettuce... who knew lettuce had SO much flavor. It is a weekly field trip for local, healthy food and a amazing experience for my two girls.

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Word of Mouth
By: Kate Duval    (Sep 16, 2010)

I heard about Springdell from two friends who split a share last year and raved about it...we signed up as soon as we could and this summer of produce has been awesome! They keep posting about needing rain and the dry summer, but our box has never seemed effected at all and is really heavy to carry to the car. Some other friends have various CSAs that seem to have just a lot of lettuce...but Springdell has a really full basket with an awesome variety of really fresh food! I usually know the staples and have a few surprises as well....and I love that we have eggs in our share as well as berries and lots of fruit. My kids are 2 and 4 and love to come to the farm...because it is fun, but mostly because they get a yummy "treat" on the way home...strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, an apple or a peach...but the favorite so far were the heirloom lemon cucumbers!

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Amazing corn and tomatos!
By: Marian Harwood    (Sep 15, 2010)

I loved all the pretty, colorful, and tasty heirloom tomatos in my CSA box this week! I can't believe the variety! The corn was tender and sweet, too- In general, the CSA is the best thing I have done for my family- we are eating WAY more fruit and veggies (and herbs!) because of their freshness and variety. Even when the summer was so dry and miserable for farmers, my CSA box was full of beautiful, healthy food. Thanks for making it happen!

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They spoiled us!
By: Polina Sabinin    (Sep 15, 2010)

We feel so lucky to have found Springdell! I never thought that knowing that your food is being grown 5 minutes away from your home by people whose names you know would be so comforting! Besides the philosophy of it all, Springdell is a perfect place to join a CSA! Logistically, they work hard to make it easy for their members. Their pick-up times are 12-7 and can accommodate almost anyone's schedule. You come in, grab your pre-labeled box, and some stuff at the farm stand, and you are gone in less than 5 minutes - unless you are curious about other things that they have at the stand and linger a little longer. Springdell portions are very generous, and that's without the extras that are not infrequent. Those must-be-eaten-today tomatoes or got-a-little-bruised-but-tastes-amazing summer squash that are there for the taking if you can use them! But most importantly ... their food is amazingly fresh, wholesome, and tasty! My husband and I have tried everything (veggies, meat, eggs, fruit)! Initially we would revel in the comparison of Springdell stuff to the store-bought stuff. I cut into a celery and he smells it from across the room! Now, we have gotten so spoiled that we walk past the produce area in the stores knowing that the stuff there is just not going to taste good anymore. Lately, I've also noticed that when I ask my friends "what should I bring to our get-together", they say "anything from that farm of yours". We are looking forward to joining any and all CSAs that Springdell develops: winter CSA, year-round CSA, meat CSA, get-it-all-here CSA. Thanks Springdell!

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Excellent Beef, Veggies and Fruit
By: Michael Watkins    (Jun 9, 2010)

I am participating in both the meat and vegetable CSAs. I picked up the first meat installment this week. The grass-fed beef was very flavorful and tender. The marbeling was perfect. I bought asparagus, tomatoes and strawberries at the same time. All were delicious.

This is a great, family farm!

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The BEST Corn!
By: Jennifer Martinez    (Jul 23, 2009)

Springdell Farm has the BEST corn !!!

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