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apples and oranges
By: Mike Smith    (Nov 28, 2012)

I have been to Adams several times to purchase apples and recently oranges they were fresh and delicious.

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By: Colette Baker    (Dec 13, 2011)

I first contacted them in September to check on delivery to my area. I told Kenny that I needed them by a certain date. No problem he said. I ordered 5 wreaths in October. e-mailed that I needed them here by Dec. 29th. They said they would ship them to me on Dec. 21. I needed them to decorate a museum on the 30th. They didn't send them out until the 29th, one week too late. I had to go out and buy 5 more. Theirs arrived one week later on Dec.5th, yellowing already. Then when I looked at them I realized that they were the exact ones that I bought locally for $17 not the $20 they were charging. I don't think their's were even home grown, since they were (exactaly) the same as the ones from Lowes Home Improvement Store. Kenny's excuse "We had them scheduled to go out on the 21st but we didn't guarantee you that they would. After finding out about Thanksgiving we decided it would be best for the wreaths to go out after Thanksgiving" He had to find out about Thanksgiving? I guess their word isn't a guarantee, that and two phone calls and 3 e-mails. After being here for 7 days they are all dead and crispy. So I have 5 dead wreaths and a $120 bill. Do not deal with these people they are not honest. Local Harvest should take them off their web-site. You don't take people's money and then lie to them. I have sent Local Harvest two e-mails about this with no reply from them.

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Colette Baker says:    (Dec 21, 2011)

I just wanted to add something because I wrote the comment really fast. They actually confirmed by e-mail to me a month earlier that they were going to ship the wreaths to me on Nov 21st. I replied to them "perfect". I never heard another word from them until I found out that they never shipped it as promised on the 21st. They just don't care... I've continued complaining to them and now he says, "We didn't guarantee that we would ship it then." I guess that their word on the phone and e-mails including the one confirming the 21st aren't a guarantee. I've ordered a few times from localharvest and this is the first time that the sellers were bad.