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Wonderful treats for All!
By: Shannon Ryan    (Jun 7, 2008)

This was a great little trip for the family. We walked around and checked out all of the home goods under a pavilion.. so at least it was shady! My Mom love's the fresh honey and the seller's who make the fresh bread. Of course we checked out all of the vegetables and canned produce. We saw everything from pickles to spaghetti sauce canned in the homeliest fashion to fancy stickers and frilly lace tops. There were also craft vendors out and about selling lye soaps, bath salts, jewelry, bird houses, and paintings.

My favorite sites were: homemade pasta! Yep you could buy it by the pound or 1/2 pound, seasoned in different types along with herbs and oils.. and absolute best was the nice lady I met who raises her own Texas Longhorn cattle.. then she slaughters them at the local butcher and you can buy fresh meat and sausages by the pound.. no antibiotics, steroids or other junk.. just fresh lean beef.

I highly recommend this nice stop. You'll see plenty of products from homemade granola, plants, produce, crafts and more. The folks are friendly and they are VERY local. I met people from Elm Grove, Keithville, Texas, and Shreveport. Best of all.. the kids LOVED IT!

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Noma Fowler-Sandlin says:    (Jun 23, 2008)

Thanks so much for your endorsement. Come often!