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I'm coming back again!
By: Jutta    (Jun 5, 2012)

I believe this will be the fourth or fifth year coming back for blueberries. I can't wait and have been checking the website for any updates. This will be the first time my children won't be joining me so I am a little anxious about being able to pick enough berries to last the year. So far we always had plenty for an entire year . Every Saturday morning we eat blueberry pancakes. This has become a tradition in my family and as long as we are able we will return for more. Two years ago we ran out of blueberries early and bought frozen berries at the store. Can't compare the taste to those from Sinking Creek Farm. As I have said in a previous comment, the experience at this farm is superior. Thank you so much.

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Holly L. Scoggins says:    (Jun 8, 2012)

Well, thank you very much! Kicking it off June 11th (a bit early).

Wonderful Experience at Sinking Creek Farm
By: Pat Sales    (Jul 3, 2009)

Last week two friends and myself drove from Roanoke to the beautiful Sinking Creek Farm. Upon arriving , we turned into the most picturesque scene of rows and rows of ripening blueberries against a backdrop of beautiful mountains.

We each picked almost ten pounds of blueberries which will be enjoyed fresh and in desserts. It was such a pleasure to be welcomed to Sinking Creek and to hear the happy voices of others who were picking. We are looking forward to returning next year.

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Wonderful experience with blueberry picking at Sinking Creek
By: Jutta Vermeulen    (Jul 3, 2008)

I went blueberry picking today at Sinking Creek Farm and what a delight it was. The setup is so friendly and professional at the same time. Driving up onto the property I found parking right away. There was a portable toilet available complete with hand sanitizer. The owners were very friendly and accommodating, providing me and my friends with clean buckets to go picking. They had belts available for over the shoulder wear and hands free picking. Sunscreen, handsanitizer and insect repellant were also offered to aid those who forgot to bring their own, free of charge. The view is spectacular. Rows of well tended blueberry bushes, many different varieties. I picked some of each. The berries were real nice, juicy and plump, sweet or tart. This trip wasn't just for the berries but to get together with friends in God's beautiful nature. Meet new folks, make friends. When we were done, the buckets were weighed and we paid. They even accepted checks which was nice for those of us who didn't bring enough cash because they couldn't stop picking, ending up with a lot more berries than planned. Yum Yum. I'm ready for some blueberry crisp, or muffin, or smoothie? So many ways to create a tasty treat that is good for you too. Thank you Sinking Creek Farm.

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Holly L. Scoggins says:    (Jun 30, 2009)

Thanks, Jutta! Makes me want to pick there, too! Oh wait...I live there... Seriously, thank you for your positive comments - we try to provide every amenity we'd look for in the same situation. Also might mention the birds...we have a ridiculous number of species enjoying the berries and several birders, laden with high-power binoculars, have already been out this season. Would love to see more comments from our pickers - I know you're out there....