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Nice people, beautiful, healthy chickens, good eggs.
By: Kim Douglas    (Mar 5, 2010)

I like that they do not use any soy in their feed, and that the chickens are truly free-ranged.... makes for healthful and tasty eggs.

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Grace Valley Farm
By: Cecil Taylor    (Feb 23, 2010)

, I recently purchased 5 dozen eggs from Grace Valley Farms after reading the website concerning that farms use of none-soy products. I was very impressed with the hatch rate 85% and the very healthy chicks that were produced. I have hatched eggs from other sources and the rate was between 65-70 percent and medium quality chicks. I have ordered another 10 dozen eggs from Grave Valley Farms for hatching as I am very pleased with the quality and quantities of the birds hatched and highly recommend Lynn and Mike service to other customers. As I live several miles from Trinity, not only was the eggs of high quality, but Lynn was able to coordinate delivery of the eggs to location closer to my home thru her husband├ó┬?┬?s business route which reduced my travel time and expense. From start to completion, the service offered by Grace valley Farms was outstanding

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Awesome Eggs!
By: Katie Burrus    (Feb 1, 2010)

This was a great experience. Lynn and family welcomed me wholeheartedly, introduced me to their family of fowl, and even let me gather my own eggs. It was a tremendous experience and their farm seems to be growing at just the right pace.

I waited a few days to write a review because I wanted to taste the eggs first...and they were truly the most delicious eggs I have had since I was a kid. They had more body and texture than any store-bought egg I have ever purchased (even the "organic" ones), the yolks had a richer color, and the taste was fantastic. I have nearly scrambled my way through the whole dozen.

Grace Valley Farms has clearly got it right in terms of health and sustainability. Thanks!

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