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Such a Diamond in Buckeystown.
By: nick    (Aug 8, 2008)

I found Hedgeapple on and let me tell you it is well worth the special trip from germantown to get the best beef you can find. It reminds me of the beef that we got on my family dairy farm when a cow broken a leg. My wife and I have not bought beef from anyone else.

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Great grass finished beef!
By:    (Aug 7, 2008)

What a wonderful surprise when I was driving through Buckeystown last January and saw a sign for grass finished beef at Hedgeapple farm! Of course I had to stop and check it out since that is the only kind of beef we more hormones, antibiotics or grains in the beef we eat! What a pleasent shopping experience it was. John was extremely helpful and patient with all the questions I had. The best part was when I cooked the was very good!! In fact my daughter, who was with me and lives in Raleigh, asks me to bring beef to them when we visit her and her family. They all loved it as you see the beef is so good it travels to Raleigh! Check it out, I know you will love it as much as we do. Also check out the restaurants in Frederick where Hedgeapple beef is wonderful to be able to eat grass finished beef in a restaurant!!

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Excellent Farm
By: Andie    (Aug 7, 2008)

I only buy my beef from here. It is incredibly good, resonably priced with great service. And makes me feel good to not only support local farmers but a place that is helping to protect the environment. This is a great farm and well run.

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Outstanding Steak
By: Chris T    (Aug 7, 2008)

I had the pleasure of eating a Hedgeapple Farm ribeye steak at a local Frederick restaurant called Acacia about a week ago. The taste of the beef was like I remember growing up in the midwest. The flavor was wonderful, the steak was tender and juicy and it was prepared perfectly. I have since contacted the folks at the farm after learning about their farm market and I plan on taking a large cooler and visiting their farm this weekend. Beef that actually tastes like beef and is not pumped full of hormones and drugs. What a great find.

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Best steak ever!
By: teresa    (Aug 7, 2008)

I recently discovered Hedgeapple Farm in Buckeystown, Md after reading an article in the Washington Post. I purchased several items including steaks, ground beef and hot dogs. My family grilled and ate the steaks last night and we can say without a doubt that these were the best steaks we've eaten in 10 years! The flavor and tenderness were outstanding. The prices were very reasonable for a all-natural, grass-fed and locally produced product. The customer service at the market and the knowledge of the staff was outstanding. I had a long list of questions about the selection and preparation of different cuts of beef and the folks at Hedgeapple were very patient and answered every single question I had. They also gave me several great recipe ideas and I even picked up some delicious BBQ sauce and a great t-shirt during my visit. My family and I had just about stopped eating beef after several very disappointing experiences with grocery store meat. We're looking forward to stocking our freezer with Hedgeapple beef on our next visit.

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