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Grass Fed Beef is Good for Pooches Too!
By: Jean Judd    (Feb 27, 2009)

We are converts to locally raised food products and purchase all of our beef from Hedge Apple Farm. We looked forward to its opening after reading an article in a local paper about the added nutrition afforded by grass fed beef. Hedge Apple's ground beef and beef liver are the anchor for our Poodle Molly's homemade diet.

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Best Steak in Town
By: MARIO L. HERMAN    (Feb 27, 2009)

I am a regular customer of Hedgeapple, and I have had numerous fascinating discussions with Dr. Barao. I spent well over $1,000.00 on beef at Hedgeapple in 2008. The quality of the beef is exceptional, including the hamburger. The prices are competitive, and the beef is better than any "organic" beef on the market. I have learned a great deal from Dr. Barao, and highly recommend Hedgeapple to anyone who is interested in nutrition. The fact that the cattle is grass fed, and loaded with Omega 3's, is especially important to me. Dr. Barao handles the meat from "conception to consumption" to ensure no adulteration.

I will not buy beef anywhere else.

Mario L. Herman 2987 Hope Mills Lane Adamstown, MD 21710 301-607-4111

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A Hedgeapple Farm rib roast made my Christmas.
By:    (Dec 30, 2008)

I thought a great gift this year would be to prepare a beautiful grass-fed standing rib roast for Christmas dinner. I couldn't be happier that I found Hedgeapple Farm. Just an hour away from my mother's home in NW Washington, this farm furnished one of the finest roasts I have ever seen, worked with, or eaten. I am certain (based on the numerous exclamations during dinner) that the other 10 people who shared in the bounty would agree.

Not only was the product exceptional, but the attentive treatment and accomodation that I received from Scott Barao, who seems to direct the entire operation, was also superb. He made the process (which was complicated by travel plans from out of town, and a Christmas Eve pick-up) totally manageable.

Overall: Highly Recommended!

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beautiful beef
By: Ann DeClue    (Dec 6, 2008)

About an hour and a half drive from us we found the beautiful Hegeapple Farm and Dr Scott Bareo whose e-mails about his Angus Beef specials we eagerly anticipate. This is now the only beef we buy. We started with the 50 lb box of different cuts of meet and enjoyed every single piece of it. The last time we were there we bought a standing rib roast that will be part of our Christmas Feast, but we also have lots of the beautifully aged and vacuum packed small cuts of steak in our freezer that help us to adhere to the recommended portions of meat in a balanced diet. Please check out the web site for all of the info about this most special farm and the beef raised there. A DeClue, MD

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Best Beef In Town
By: BRIAN    (Nov 4, 2008)

I have only visited the farm a few times, but it could be the best beef I have ever tasted. I love sauces and marinades on my steak. After taking the recommendation to simply season with salt and pepper and put the bottle down, I could not have been happier. My wife and I have enjoyed a few of their steak cuts on the grill and there ground beef makes a great burger. I would recommend their beef to anybody and everybody. If you have not visited and tried, I would strongly recommend you make time tomorrow.

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Hedgeapple Rocks!
By: Chris and Carla P    (Oct 15, 2008)

As two vegans for the last 5 years, we can tell you that coming back to beef would not have happened without Hedgeapple Farm. We read about the farm in the Urbanite Magazine and we were sold after our first visit when we witnessed first hand the commitment they have to the environment and the outstanding care they provide to their cows. The farm is so clean and beautiful and the cows look content.

The beef is sold in a beautiful old log cabin that was spotless and smelled like apple cider. We just wanted to sit down and relax all afternoon. The man working in the store was so nice and helpful. He even looked up some information for us on a cooking method we asked about for one of the cuts we bought. We moved to Baltimore from California and we were so thrilled to find tri-tip steaks again. We bought 4 of them and have already eaten 2. They were awesome.

If you have stopped eating meat because of the way it is raised, as we had, we can tell you first hand that Hedgeapple Farm will change your thinking. This is how our food should be raised and this is how customers should be treated. We will be back!

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Better Beef for Better Living
By: Bill    (Oct 10, 2008)

I do not know where to start. My family discovered Hedgeapple Farm while searching the internet for a local source of natural grass fed beef. We did not expect to find anything more than maybe someone selling sides of beef. we were absolutely thrilled to find Hedgeapple Farm, just one hour away from us offering beef by the cut.

We traveled to the farm last week and we were totally sold. We bought 8 different cuts of beef from ground beef, which tastes like steak, through beautiful rib eye steaks and 2 sirloin tip roasts which were on sale at an incredible price. We have eaten beef 4 out of the last 7 nights and we can not believe the difference. The taste is what I remember beef tasting like many years ago. It was tender, juicy and delicious!

The person who helped us, I think his name was Scot, was more knowledgeable about beef than anyone I have run across in 25 years. He helped us with cut selection and spent nearly 20 minutes talking to us about the farm, the beef and how to cook it. That type of customer service just does not happen anymore. This guy was passionate about their beef and you could tell he had a genuine interest in helping us enjoy the beef we purchased to the fullest.

What an amazing visit we had to Hedgeapple farm. We will tell all our friends, many who have sworn off beef for the same reasons as us, about the farm and we will be back very soon with a cooler in hand. My family thanks the folks at Hedgeapple for providing such outstanding products at reasonable prices. Keep up the great work. We need more farmers like you.

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Terrific quality and value
By: Janette Collins    (Oct 8, 2008)

After enjoying many Hedgeapple items (chipsteak, ranch steak, tenderloin steaks, burger, BBQ beef, chili, London Broil, kabob meat, bratwurst, ribs), we made the leap to invest in a boneless rib roast for a special meal. With Scott Barao's (executive director) guidance, I was able to successfully roast this cut and it was fabulous! Everything we've had has been wonderful and we will continue to support this terrific local farm and encourage others to do the same.

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