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Excellent meat and eggs, produced with love
By: Nell Schwartz    (Aug 16, 2012)

We get most of our meat from Yonder Way Farm, and are proud to support the Kramer family in their stewardship of their animals and land. Their deep concern for the welfare of their animals and sound farming practice shows, and their meat and eggs are outstanding. I wish we lived close enough to visit the farm more often, but fortunately there is a fairly convenient monthly pick-up point (and if you live in metro Houston, there's probably one that would be fairly convenient to you). Thank you, Lynsey and Jason, for all you do! We appreciate it!

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Looking forward to more...
By: Chris Fike    (Aug 3, 2012)

Looking forward to getting our meat from here for a long time. Just the right amount of fat and reasonably priced.

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By: Anna Floyd    (Aug 2, 2012)

The Houston, TX area has definitely not been the "leader" in locally-grown, fresh food avability. It is incredibly difficult to find a decent farmer's market. However, Yonder Way Farm has done an amazing job getting their fresh, grass fed meats and eggs (even dog food!) to their customers. You can join a local "group" and they will bring your order directly to your area. Their online order form is easy to use and, if you follow the farm via facebook, they consistently announce what meats they have an abundance of so you know to stock-up. They recently have partnered with other farms to offer raw milk and cheeses.

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Good food and great family
By: Mike Jacks    (Aug 2, 2012)

Good food raised right by a family that genuinely cares about their customers. Can't go wrong by allowing the Kramers to provide food for your family.

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Love Yonder Way Farm!
By: Pam Munson    (Aug 2, 2012)

Our family has visited Yonder Way Farm several times and we only buy our beef, pork and chicken from the Kramer family. Jason and Lynsey and their family are taking care of the animals that they raise in an ethical and natural manner, producing healthy livestock and amazing products. Their efforts are helping thousands of families in Texas live healthy lives. They go above and beyond in delivering all over the Houston metropolitan area at drop locations. Everyone should support this family's efforts and in so doing help themselves to a healthier life. Pam

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Fantastic food
By: rj ward    (Aug 2, 2012)

The eggs are always of a good size with a dark gorgeous yolk. The meat is tasty and lean. The delivery service to many different Houston drop offs makes it convenient. The family seems like a good hard working honest bunch of folks.

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The one and only..
By: denise pomaski    (Aug 2, 2012)

Everything from Yonder Way Farm is fresh and you know where it comes from. What's more is that Farmer Jason, his wife and kids are the best people I know. We've never eaten like we eat now and have never felt better. Everyone should steer away from their local grocery store as much as possible and buy from Yonder Way!

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Just what I need....
By: Cathi Nelson    (Aug 2, 2012)

Yonder Way has just what I need. Farmer Jason and family have been providing me with my meat, eggs and dairy needs for about a year now. I've been to their farm and seen how the animals live - I was chased by a rooster and gobbled at by a turkey :). That is how animals should live... I highly recommend Farmer Jason and family as THE place to shop for your meat, eggs..Top notch in my book..

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