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By: Kristin Carson    (Nov 6, 2013)

With most of the farmers markets closing up for the season, I was excited to find Local Food Stop. I just ordered my first bag (a small bag). I received some gorgeous local greens (choi, savoy and kale), sweet potatoes, broccoli, cherry tomatoes & oranges (from Florida), and I also purchased a bottle of local honey. Everything is organic and they mark the items that are local. Their prices seem considerably less than the grocery stores - and a lot fresher. I miss the vibe of the farmers markets, but I am very pleased with the quality of the produce and will most likely become a regular during winter months.

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Love this CSA!
By: Jane Reading    (Aug 2, 2013)

I joined a CSA last summer in upstate NY and thought the portion sizes were small. My daughters had fun going to the farm on pickup days and couldn't wait to see the goodies in our box. Some weeks it was heavy on greens and squash and other weeks it was more balanced. What I appreciate about Local Food Stop is the option of buying only the items I want, and that I can skip a week -- or two -- if I'm out of town. The prices are very reasonable and portion sizes are moderate to generous (for the price). I plan to be a regular!

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Good Quality
By: Amanda McCormick    (Dec 26, 2012)

I have been pretty pleased with Local Food Stop. I have ordered from them several times. The produce has always been fresh and good quality, although I have yet to receive an order without substitutions made for my original choices. This is understandable because farmers do not produce on demand. They can only offer what has grown that week. I know the coordinators of this CSA must work very hard to coordinate all of these farms and I appreciate the work that they do to help people become connected to their food.

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By: Laura Bankston    (Sep 14, 2012)

This week was my first time ordering from Local Food Stop. I was impressed by the conveniece of the pickup locations and the selection of local food, so I ordered. I got all my first choices in my bag, correctly. Nothing was spoiled/bruised. The price was extremely fair, especially compared to Nature's Garden Delivered that I previously ordered from. When you sign up for the newsletter you get reminders when there's a new menu and when the ordering deadline approaches. The purchase posted on my account in a timely manner. Very, very satisfied. **Note, I'm attempting to give them a 5-star rating but it looks like my scripts aren't running correctly. Hope it shows up, because they deserve it.

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By: Nicole Kaminski    (Jul 1, 2012)

This was my first experience with a CSA, so I didn't have anything to compare it to, but I thought the fruit was exceptionally good and the greens were crisp and fresh. I will be ordering again for sure!

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Happy Camper!
By: Audrey Watts    (May 9, 2012)

I just got home with my first CSA bag from Local Food Stop, and the produce looks fantastic! Iâ??m not sure what to do with this gorgeous eggplantâ?¦the shape and size really lend itself to eggplant parmesan, but an Asian stir-fry sounds lovely too. I have never cooked kohlrabi, but Iâ??ve heard its great raw in a saladâ?¦I will be experimenting. The lettuces are absolutely beautiful; I ordered one red leaf and one green leaf. I was excited to see they have local corn so I ordered that (paid separately for it), and I also ordered local blueberries (paid separately for that too). I like the option of ordering different size bags based on how much produce I need week to week, and the flexibility of customizing my own bag (for no extra fee) is very appealing. With all this local produce everywhere, itâ??s amazing to me that the grocery stores are still carrying many of these same items from Mexico or other parts of the world?

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Not a good first impression
By: SAL Baker    (Apr 11, 2012)

I've read these reviews to determine whether this is something I'd like to join, rather than a true CSA (Sorry, but you aren't buying a share in a farm here and committing to a portion of their harvest, which is a true CSA). Anyway, the super defensive responses of the representative here are off-putting so I think I'll continue looking! Customer service gets good ratings but the honest comments from some users here are met with hostility.

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Easy and reliable way to get organic!
By: Alicen Kurto    (Jan 8, 2012)

I have been ordering from the CSA for the last year now and have been very pleased! When you don't have time to make it to Whole Foods or even get out, it nice to know I can always get my FRESH veggies and fruit for the week. There is more of a selection to pick from, than the grocery store's around me and they taste like you just picked them from your own garden. I know there are a few products that are packed like the grocery stores, but that is only natural, I would think. When you cant grow certain things because of the season, you grow opposite and offer it. I still want some of those products offered so that I don't have to do the grocery store as often. I look forward to the different selections each season and for what I have received from Ann Marie, the selection is great! Have really enjoyed my winter greens! Look forward to the spring garden again soon!

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