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A Nightmare: Ruined our Thanksgiving! - Part 2
By: DMC DMC    (Dec 10, 2011)

Part 2 of 2 (continued): She offered to meet me late in the day (during rush hour) the next day (the day before Thanksgiving) in Towson, MD to pick up the fresh Rock Cornish Hen, or alternatively, she would give us two smaller frozen Cornish Hens she had on the truck or a turkey for free. Although we felt Lynne should deliver the Rock Cornish Hen we ordered to our home, I called my Sister and we agreed that traffic late the day before Thanksgiving in Towson would prohibit us from meeting her there, so we agreed to take the two frozen Cornish hens for free. A half-hour later, I receive a call from Lynne at home that she was still at the location waiting for us to pick up our turkey. I had to explain again that I was the customer who ordered the Rock Cornish Hen she had forgotten and that I had just taken the free frozen birds. I left the bird we were to eat for Thanksgiving in the refrigerator overnight, but it was still frozen solid on the day before Thanksgiving. When I arrived at my Sister's home for Thanksgiving, we had to thaw it in a sink full of water immediately so that it could be cooked the next day. When my Sister thawed the bird at about 10:00pm on the night before Thanksgiving, she discovered that the frozen bird was split into parts. She was so upset at that point and insisted I call Lynne immediately. We wanted to let her know how unhappy we were and that it was too late to do anything about it. Lynne added insult to injury by insisting that the bird was not divided into parts, but my Sister and I had no reason to lie about this at 10:00pm on the night before Thanksgiving. In addition, my Sister is a Food Technologist at the USDA and is a poultry specialist. She said Lynne did not label the Cornish Hens properly as parts, and communicated the same to Lynne by telephone. We ended up roasting the Cornish Hen parts the next day and the taste was nothing extraordinary. Needless to say, it's a good thing we weren't entertaining guests on Thanksgiving because this was a nightmare, a disaster, she ruined our Thanksgiving, we will never order anything again from her, and would not recommend her farm to anyone else. If you're a poultry farmer and you can't manage to get Thanksgiving, the biggest poultry holiday of the year right, you should hang it up. To sum it up: She cannot get a simple order right, cannot be relied upon to provide Customer Service, and her poultry is lackluster at best.

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A Nightmare: Ruined our Thanksgiving!
By: DMC DMC    (Dec 10, 2011)

Part 1 of 2: I had met Lynne at one of my local Farmers Markets during the Summer, and in September-October, she was asking customers to place their Thanksgiving order. As my Sister and I would be alone for Thanksgiving here in the DC area, together we don't eat much and do not have much freezer space, we did not want even a small 12 lb turkey; it would just be too much. We asked Lynne if we could order a smaller capon for Thanksgiving instead, she said she didn't sell them, but could offer us a 7 lb Rock Cornish Hen, and explained that it was a special breed. She said she also offered a variety of fruit pies through Milburn Orchards. Exactly a full month before Thanksgiving on October 24, I placed our Thanksgiving order with Lynne via telephone and then confirmed it on e-mail for one 7 lb Rock Cornish Hen and one Wild About Apple Walnut pie (she recommended) from Milburn Orchards. She responded affirmatively three days later with an approximate price. Two days later, she provided a location for pickup on the week of Thanksgiving with a date and time "TBA". However, she led me to believe by telephone it would be the Sunday before Thanksgiving in the afternoon, and so I made sure I'd be available. On November 15, she provided a pickup schedule. She would be delivering to my neighborhood on Tuesday Nov 22 from 4:30pm-5:30pm, which would be cutting it close to get there in time after work with rush-hour traffic, but it turned out I could still make it. My first clue that trouble was brewing came the next day, Nov 16, in an e-mail from Lynne which said : "Have you on the turkey list but can u confirm size of turkey had ? Mark next to size." I responded immediately on Nov 16: "Hi Lynne, A reminder and to confirm, I'm probably the only person on your list who is not getting a turkey. I'm getting the Rock Cornish Hen and Wild About Apple Walnut Pie and will be picking up at your location on Tuesday Nov 22 from 4:30pm - 5:30pm." I had spoken to Lynne at least once after that, before Nov 22, and she confirmed she would have the freshly killed 7lb Rock Cornish Hen and the pie available for pickup on Nov 22 as ordered. I arrived at the pick-up location in the pouring rain on Tuesday Nov 22 (two days before Thanksgiving) between 4:30pm-5:30pm as scheduled and Lynne informed me that she forgot the Rock Cornish Hen and that she could not get the pies because there was a death in the family of the Orchard. Good thing I had made an extra homemade pumpkin pie that day; it came in handy! (continued - see Part 2 of 2)

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Bait and Switch
By: Eric Belsky    (Nov 28, 2010)

My wife ordered an organic free range 17lb turkey from this farm to pick up 2 days before Thanksgiving. We provided a $25 deposit and turkey size. We received confirmation that they would have a turkey in the size range we requested one week before pickup. On the day before we were to pickup the turkey we were given a time and meeting point. The excitement ends there. The truck showed up at 7:20pm after providing a time of 7-7:30pm for all pickups in Timonium. Needless to say there were several anxious people waiting. Then, Lynne informed us one by one that she only had 12 lb turkeys, and anyone looking for a larger turkey should take 2-12lb Turkeys. Does anyone have 2 ovens? 2 pans? or a hot holding unit to hold one trukey for 5 hours after it cooks? 3 of the 7 people picking up turkeys walked away requesting money back TWO DAYS from Thanksgiving. She said she may have 20lb turkeys back at the farm and we could call her "tomorrow". I don't understand how someone would not call people and let them know that they don't have the product they promised. I asked for my money back and ended up making a trip to Wegmans, where I bought an Organic Free-Range Turkey at the right size. Thanks for wasting my time Ferguson Family Farm!

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Sharon Carson says:    (Dec 1, 2010)

I can not help but comment on this review . I don't understand the complaint about the time The farmer did show up in that framework You are very lucky to even have fresh local turkeys available in your area . This is nature not a supermarket. You can not request all turkeys to grow to the size you demand . Yes, it would have been nice if the farmer had let you know by phone when she realized she only had large or small ones . To get two small ones for the price of the 17# one was a real deal. You could always freeze one and use it for Christmas! If you expect there to be more small farms providing fresh real nutrient dense foods you need to HAVE MORE COMPASSION AND PUT YOURSELF IN THE FARMERS SHOES . :)s

Lynne Ferguson says:    (Feb 18, 2011)

First, I would like to thank everyone who has supported Ferguson Family Farm over the years. Each year of growth brings with it new challenges and new improvements. No farmer likes to receive even one negative review. Although, every effort is made to produce the most delicious perfect turkeys, some things are outside our control when you are working with living creatures. Keep in mind, Ferguson Family Farm will NEVER provide chemical stimulants or hormones to the livestock to achieve gains which are not natural. In 2010 the baby turkeys or poults were delivered from the hatchery 3 weeks late which meant the birds had 3 weeks less time to reach ideal weights. Although every effort was made to improve weight gain on the turkeys, the mean average weight was naturally lighter than expected. Next, customers who provided deposits early were given first consideration on the size turkey they received. The handful of customers who ordered a bit latter were delighted to improvise and had a delicious eating experience. All customers must realize, small local farms need their customers support and understanding. We are all learning. The farmer ... Learning how to grow livestock consistently to desired weights while battling weather, predators, delayed delivers, etc, etc. The customer ... Learning how to cook with All the Cuts an animal carcass provides. This is where the Transparency Begins. This is where Learning and Understanding Begins. I can promise, Ferguson Family Farm will continue to grow and continue to provide Highly Nutritious and Delicious meats to my family and yours. Yours Truly, Lynne Ferguson Ferguson Family Farm

DMC DMC says:    (Dec 10, 2011)

I sympathize with Mr. Eric Belsky. We had a very similar experience this recent Thanksgiving, cannot recommend Ferguson Family Farms and will never order anything from them again! (See detailed comment below.)

Pray for Lynne Ferguson
By: epc3762    (Sep 12, 2010)

I do.

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The best tasting all natural free range pork chicken & eggs!
By: epc3762    (Mar 8, 2009)

The best tasting Gourmet Berkshire Pork. I have tried the tenderloin and the ham and the chops and the ribs and the sausage and scrapple and it is all excellent.

The chicken was very good and tender and flavorful and very moist. The eggs were so fresh and they don't run all over the pan when making fried eggs.

The meats are wrapped so well that I have no doubt about freezing and that they will be as fresh as the day it was packed.

The taste of all I have had from Ferguson Family Farm has been the best!

Thanks Lynne!

Ed C.

Forest Hill, MD.

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epc3762 says:    (Sep 12, 2010)

Please pray for Lynne. I do.