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Ramblings of a Veggie Runner
By: David Stauffr    (Oct 7, 2009)

Okay, I am only a part-timer in Whispering Pines but that is due entirely to the current economic conditions. I found the Saturday Farmers Market in Southern Pines this August and began my most heinous of crimes; I became a "Veggie Runner". Only being able to spend every 3rd or 4th weekend in the SP area, I quickly started buying my produce and running it back to the Washington DC area over 300 miles away. This supply would last about 2 weeks and I began planning my next run across state lines. Why you ask? Because the quality of the produce at the Moore County Farmers Market is far superior to anything that we have available to us that has been trucked or flown into the Washington area. I have also enjoyed dealing with everyone at the market, both vendors and customers. Alas however, there is no more Saturday market and without a supplier we are condemned to the picked green, shipped across the world and then gassed to look pretty, tasteless, mealy or just rotten swill that is available to us up here.

Please be advised, you shall be missed. Assuming we survive the winter on what passes as produce that is available to us here, I look forward to seeing everyone this spring. And yes, I would still really like some fresh eggs. And some collards would be nice too. And would one of y?¢?¿?¿all pick me some figs off your tree next season please? But mainly, and presuming I am not breaking any rules by asking, would anyone sell direct to a poor Veggie Runner on an occasional Saturday?

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Care2 Review: We love this market!
By: Tricia G.    (Jun 24, 2009)

It's the best thing to wake up Saturday morning and go downtown to the Farmer's Market and find something different every week. Also the people are so helpful and friendly that come to sell their food/products.

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